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Lucky Block race - Survive chaos

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Werehound avatar Werehound
Level 22 : Expert Miner
Hi guys. This is my first upload and I made a more or less survival made lucky block race. It is pretty long
The reason as to why I'm saying 'more or less' is because I had to grab the lucky blocks themselves (and command blocks for a nice chat) from creative as I could not pick them up in any other way. (Note that my Minecraft ingame name is Darkhound, I'm not stealing from anyone)
The modpack I used (on Technic Launcher) is Lucky Block OP by SixxerR (api.technicpack.net/modpack/lucky-block-op).
If you're not able to download the modpack for some reason, here's a complete mod list (in minecraft 1.8.9):
- Lucky Block (normal ones)
- Astral Lucky Block
- Ender Lucky Block
- Spiral Lucky Block
- Fantasia Lucky Block
- Lucky Block Galaxy
- Hypnosis Lucky Block
- Lucky Block Time Machine
- Doctor Who Lucky Block
- Loot ++
- Loot ++ Added

I have not created Lucky Blocks or any of its side mods/addons, nor do I claim to have done so

I really hope the link works as this is my first time uploading something like this.
Please let me know if it doesn't.
If so, could someone explain how it should be done?
CreditThe creators of the Lucky Block mods/addons and SixxerR for making the modpack
Progress100% complete

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