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M4 Sherman American WW2 Tank - NavalClash

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Level 40 : Master Network
The M4 Sherman was one of the most widely used american tanks in WW2. There are over one hundred variations of this tank that are all functional on navalclash. Armed with heavy cannons, aa-guns, and a radar. Use this tank or build your own and battle others on NavalClash!

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WIKI: http://navalclash.ezyro.com
Helpful videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm3jmOSbU50RDnJrAMRsA4g
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02/26/2018 7:48 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Sailor
Seames39 avatar
This is highly detailed and it over all looks awesome in my opinion :D However, I feel like it is a bit on the large side of things for it to be close to scale compared to a player. It also seems a bit long but you did fit in the 6 bogie wheels at least. Though I must say that the pairing for those seems off (should be 3 sets of two, you have two on their own). I like the use of a iron trap door to represent the machine guns ammunition. In the end, a very nice model. Diamond! As much as Id rather not self promote, here is a link to my own WWII projects world :D
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