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Walt Disney World [1971]

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SpaceTrain1984 avatar SpaceTrain1984
Level 45 : Master Architect
Walt Disney World [​year] is a 1:1 scale project to recreate Walt Disney World from its opening in 1971, to the the resort's 50th anniversary in 2021! The project began work in July of 2016, and I'm still working on it. My goal in this project is to bring the 4 Florida Parks into one Minecraft world for players to have fun and be on Creative Mode while exploring this 1:1 scale recreation of the 4 parks.

A remaster of this map this map is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by Walt Disney World 50th anniversary on October 1st, 2021:https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/walt-disney-world-1971-50th-anniversary-edition/

Magic Kingdom- Currently in the year of 1992 [​100% Done]
EPCOT Center- Currently in the year of 1992 [​100% Done]
Disney's Hollywood Studios- Currently in the year of 1992 [​100% Done]
Disney's Animal Kingdom- Under Construction [​0% Done]

Bonus Map:
Universal Studios Orlando- Cooming Soon! [​0% Done]


These builds started as a wondering wish by one of cousins back in June of 2016. I was playing with her in a map called Disneyland 1975 built by NGM Entertainment. Then she said: "You know what, I wish they made Walt Disney World when it opened in '71" So that was pretty much my first evidence to start the building of the map, construction for the first 1971 started on July of that same year. It was finished in February of 2017, and was released on the early hours of February 9, 2017 at 7:22AM. Two months later, I looked back at it, and I realized that the map look very similar to a Disney server's old Magic Kingdom, that should not be mentioned here, because it's a whole other category. So I decided to stop the work on Magic Kingdom 1975, and remaster the '71 map. Sadly, however my old laptop died before the remastering process could begin, so I asked a friend of mine to start the build for me, so he did. I had to spend the whole 2017 summer, using my tablet with just MCPE which was boring to play. On August, I received a phone call from my second grandma saying that she bought me a new 8GB HP laptop. When I came back to finish WDW '71, it was nearly done. The castle was still missing and it took over 7 hours to build. After all that pain I had during the summer, the map was finally finished on September 2, 2017. A day before release, I added the signs, and other stuff. The map was finally released on September 4, 2017 on Labor Day. Since then I've continued the series, because I feel that this WDW project started out as a wish, and now I'll finish this series before I move on to other MC projects. In May of 2018, I decided to import my WDW maps to all the different Minecraft Editions like Java and Bedrock, nothing has been announced as of yet, stay tuned on my Twitter for announcements on my maps.

Attractions opened here are the following:

During the other three months of 1971, other attractions opened, including:

  • Admiral Joe Fowler Riverboat
  • America the Beautiful

YT Channel: ThatToyBonnieGuy
Credits & Special Thanks:
Lead Builder, Director, Founder, and Google Research: ThatToyBonnieGuy
Co-Founder, Co-Director: YosiZi

Imagineers: AlexisPentes101, AquaPlays, Miau01, ThatBusyBoi, and ythuurydhrughdub

Special Thanks to these websites for having amazing vintage pictures, videos, and lots of information to serve as inspiration for the map:
Widen Your World
The Disney Wiki

Progress100% complete

4 Update Logs

Walt Disney World 1971: 2021 Remaster Announcement/Farewell : by SpaceTrain1984 02/15/2021 1:18:11 amFeb 15th, 2021

It's been a very long time since I've been talked about any of my Disney maps. The 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World is right around the corner and, of course, I will be celebrating the park's 50th anniversary with a remaster of my 1971 map. This new map will be completely scratch built to fix everything wrong with the original '71 map released in September 2017. While this new map pushes mine and my good pal yosi_game's creativity to a whole new level, it'll sadly be the last map I'll ever build. Not only have the maps taken a toll on my social and normal life, but they also have affected my mental health to a level where I feel that it's time to say goodbye. So I'm announcing to you all that once this new upcoming remaster of my WDW 1971 map is completed, I'll be completely retiring from making any more Minecraft maps in the future, and while yes I might help some friends in some of their own Disney projects, I have no more interest in continuing making Disney maps for the time being.

I'll keep you all updated on the remaster once me and Yosi start work on it very soon.


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09/29/2019 8:09 am
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never could find
10/08/2019 7:30 pm
Level 45 : Master Architect
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What do you mean?
10/25/2018 6:31 pm
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Titan has 1.13, and when i revisit the older maps, i will just use the older versions.
09/07/2017 11:38 am
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looks cool!
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