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[Map] Focused Location II: Age of Chains

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SpakeMiner avatar SpakeMiner
Level 39 : Artisan Engineer
UPDATE #1: The first update to the map has been released, mainly to just fix the order of the maps in my submissions tab. Check out the update log for more information.

OK, I know I made an April Fools joke last time, but trust me, this one's real :P

Play this map on the official release of 1.9, with render distance of at least 13 chunks.

It's been pretty long since Focused Location and the sequel is long awaited, so I hereby present it to you:Focused Location II: Age of Chains
Focused Location II reveals the unfortunate fate of the player after the the tragedy of Focused Location. They are stuck in a prison and must get out. On the way they will meet lots of old characters and travel through dimensions and maps, all to get out of the prison. It sounds like an easy task at first, but this isn't any normal prison. All the walls are solid stone brick and the only opening to air is behind Je22 and Fog...

Found any bugs? Send them to me! If you make a video on this map, it would be VERY appreciated, but keep in mind you have to credit me.

Apart from that, I hope you'll rot in jail! enjoy the map!
-SpakeMiner Je22
CreditThanks to Kungfu241/_Kungfu for beta testing, thanks to Alex Hirsch for the idea of the ending (Aaaand I've already spoiled it :/)
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 04/09/2016 7:49:20 amApr 9th, 2016

UPDATE #1: Fixing the Order Update
+ Added the Creative Commons plate to the credits and the link to Green_Greeny's SoundCloud.
+ Changing to survival mode now turns you to adventure mode, just like all my other maps.
+ Added a hint about FL3 that you can only see by cheating. Well, without any hints, probably no one will find it, so here's a hint about its location; "It was just a dream" (And no, I don't mean that the whole thing was just a dream. "It was just a dream" is a hint to the LOCATION of the hint about FL3).
* Changed the first speech of the map slightly.
* The timing of the speech with the track I AM NOT A MORON is now changed a bit to match the timing just the way it does in Portal 2.
~ Fixed a spawnpoint issue in the sewers.
~ (Possibly) Fixed some issues with the toilet in Spake's cell.
~ Fixed the animation in the ending being sort of incomplete.
This update was mainly to fix the order of my maps in the Recently Updated order.

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05/24/2016 2:50 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
Unlikely Waffle
Unlikely Waffle avatar

A fun new installment in the SpakeMiner Universe maps. Once again, a solid story and good quests to complete.

Starting off in a rather gigantic jail with Spake, you manage to escape with the help of Datenegassie and meet up with quite a few friends from past maps. Of course, you find Je22, who has himself teamed with Fog to bring you down. Trying to kill you, he sends you into the Void, only for you to be rescued by the Voidborders, who has also saved Alfred. Coming back to the main world, you start to dismantle Je22's plan by taking out the /kill @e clocks from all previous maps, leading to his demise. Then the ending comes in a way that is almost totally unexpected. Spake is rid of Je22 finally, until he reclaims the [blaze rod] and is revealed to be the villain in disguise.

While every part of the map (open to the "sky") is surrounded by the light blue walls, they certainly do not feel oppressive to the player. They work as a natural barrier while not feeling like one at all. Each individual build is complete in it's necessity, and most add to the story (such as the prison and its sewers).

The mechanics aren't entirely over the top, though animation functions were a great addition to the mechanics (such as the breaking of iron bars). Other fun additions were noticed that weren't necessary, yet added a lot to what would otherwise be plain. This is represented by the function of the Invaders rising up through the ground rather than just appearing.

The pacing was very good, though at times it could get slightly slow. One example would be while you are searching for the Void Ore. It's just different enough to notice, though not obvious when just passing by. This goes for the "unpowered" redstone blocks when dismantling the clocks. It might have done with a little explanation as to what exactly you were looking for (as you can easily search every command block area thinking it's a clock) before you find the true goal, though this confusion could very well just be on me. I completely didn't see Spake being the villain right until the literal last second.

The music adds a lot to the different scenes inside the map, making it feel as if you might be living in a movie of sorts.

Of course, as in the strain of the previous installments, this map is very unique. It's easily above average, ranging very close to excellent.
05/25/2016 5:03 am
Level 39 : Artisan Engineer
SpakeMiner avatar
Also, if we're already talking about the map, did you recognize the music played when Fog drops you to the void? Tell me if you do, I think you'll really like it when you find where it comes from.
05/25/2016 5:00 am
Level 39 : Artisan Engineer
SpakeMiner avatar
The whole "blue sky blocks" thingy is really like you said, works as a natural barrier which is pretty plain. It's pretty much intended to be this way, to give you a feeling that while you are indeed outside of any buildings, you're not completely... Free. You're still in the map and you still have to complete the objective given to you.

Haha, the invaders rising from the ground was completely unintended. It really was just a side effect of a fix I had to do to make them spawn in daylight :P

The Voidborders ore is said by Voidborders to be "easily seen from far away". This is kind of a difference since back then I had originally planned for the player to have constant night vision, and when you have night vision for some reason Voidborders ore really sticks out, and I have no idea why. I guess it still sort of works because you have torches and godly powers also give you night vision. As for the "cold" redstone blocks, it's actually sort of intended that you would have trouble finding it. That's sort of the challenge; Find the clock and destroy it before you die. Kind of the whole point of the boss.

Thanks for the review! It's really great. Would've preferred if you said something on the ending too. I guess it is huge spoilers, but the review is already huge spoilers :P
05/27/2016 3:44 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
Unlikely Waffle
Unlikely Waffle avatar
I like that idea. I've used a relatively similar idea myself with complete blackness for an infinite surrounding.

Oh really? It worked well!

Yeah, I noticed it did indeed stand out with night vision. It's only hard to see in shadow likely due to the fact that what is the ore part you just assume to be the darker parts of the bedrock texture, dismissing any incongruities as low light.

Yeah, I did expect a challenge of finding it. I just wasn't expecting myself to be as blind as I was. I do like it though, a good challenge.

I've gone ahead and edited it a bit for the ending
05/27/2016 11:17 am
Level 39 : Artisan Engineer
SpakeMiner avatar
OK, thanks.
04/12/2016 5:55 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ISSOtm avatar
Two glitches experienced during gameplay :
1. I got stuck while mining some ore at coordinates -32 57 180. I got out with commands, but eh :P
2. The ground disappeared under me while playing Infinisalmon II.

Still, nice one ! I'd criticize a the final plot twist, but I don't like spoilers, so let's not say anything.
Took me aprox. 30 min, but these were wasted on something fun. Keep up the good work !
04/14/2016 6:37 am
Level 39 : Artisan Engineer
SpakeMiner avatar
Thank you! Speaking of the ore thing, I knew that was going to happen, which is exactly why I made it so that when you hold the Voidborders ingots you'd get jump boost. Have you tried that?
As for the ground thing, I think that might be a chunk error or something. Nothing I can do about it if that's the case. Either way, I believe if your render distance would be higher it would probably not happen.
As for the criticizing, you can send me a private message if you want to.
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