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[Map] InfiniSalmon III - Overconfidence

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SpakeMiner avatar SpakeMiner
Level 39 : Artisan Engineer
UPDATE #3: A fairly minor update to the map has been released, mainly 'updating' the map to the official 1.10 release. Check the update log for more information.

"We underestimated the guardians' power. We were overconfident."

This sequel to InfiniSalmon II: Arrival of the Guardians is a short map that includes combat, puzzle and parkour. Play on singleplayer. If possible, play without resource packs.

Play this map on the official 1.10 release.

The map includes 5 tracks (of music) by Green_Greeny, Croteam (for the puzzle game The Talos Principle) and Valve (for the puzzle game Portal).

Please report bugs. Recording the playthrough of the map is super appreciated, but you have to credit me.

Hope you enjoy!
Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by SpakeMiner 07/09/2016 12:22:49 pmJul 9th, 2016

UPDATE #3: The Sort of New Update Update
+ The map is now played on the 1.10 version (Even though it already was, but it now shows 1.10 in the world selection screen).
* The ender crystal beam is now one block lower.
~ Fixed when dying in the start respawning in the puzzle section.
~ Fixed when dying in the end respawning in the wrong place.
~ Fixed being able to skip over the fall in the house.
~ Fixed getting a wooden axe when restarting the map after the first part of the map.

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