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avatar Qwerty227
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
This is my Mario Party board, with 19 Minigames!

4-Player Games
MUSIC MAKERS- Make the picture shown on the board in your area.
WATER HAZARD- Jump to the end of the course without falling into the water. Falling in is an automatic loss.
JUMP IN!- Jump from your cobblestone block to a designated, 1 block target.
SLIP 'N SLIDERS- Make your way through an icy obstacle course without falling in the water.
TARGET PRACTICE- Shoot all 4 targets from your station.
WATER FLOW- Stay on the platform without being pushed off by the water. The red squares mark the corners of the platform.
CRAZY RACE- Race a lap around this track. Falling into the water is an automatic loss.

1 Versus 3 Games
POURING FLAMES- 1 player pours lava on three players, who stand on the cobblestone mat. The 3 players try not to fall off of the platform, or they lose.
ARROWS ON ICE- 1 player stands on a raised platform and shoots arrows at the other three players. If they all get hit, they lose. Falling into the water is an automatic loss.
ON THIN ICE- 1 player on a raised platform shoots at 3 players on a small sheet of ice. Falling in the water is considered as a loss. If the one player can shoot all 3 players, he wins.
BREAKING BEDROCK- 1 player runs on an outer, raised ring of bedrock. His job is to break the bottom of an area that 3 players will be running on. If all 3 players fall in the water, the one player wins.
RAINING ARROWS- 3 players run on an outer, raised ring. 1 player will be running on the island in the center. If the one player gets killed or falls in the water, the 3 players win.
SLIP SHOOTING- 1 player will be shooting on a raised ice sheet. 3 players will be on a small ice sheet, getting shot at by the one player. If the three players each get shot or fall into the water, they lose. If the shooter falls off his platform, he loses.

2 Versus 2 Games
ISLAND SURVIVAL- Two teams of 2 will fight each other on an island. The team that kills both opponents wins. Falling in the water is considered death.
PIG PEN- 2 teams must herd pigs into a pen. The team that herds the most pigs wins. You may NOT kill the pigs.
ISLAND INVASION- 2 players will start on a wooden raft. They will swim to an island while being shot at. If they make it to the island without getting shot, they win. They can't go over the boundaries or they lose.

Duel Games (2 PLAYERS ONLY)
SPIRALING TOWARD DISASTER- Players must each climb a spiral staircase. The first to reach the top wins. Falling in the water is an automatic loss.
STEPPING STONES- Players must jump across stones to reach the end. Falling in the water is considered death.
FIGHT TO THE DEATH- Players must fight on a sheet of ice until one player kills the other. Falling in the water is considered death.
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