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Mattupolis: Modern City Project [Release 11]

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mattuFIN avatar mattuFIN
Level 78 : Legendary Architect

Please read this!
If you want to use the city or parts of it in your own server/project/video etc., you are free to do so, as long as you mention me in the description of the project. You don't have to ask for permission.
Kindly check the frequently asked questions section below before commenting.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are the buildings furnished?
Only certain buildings, such as malls, gas stations, restaurants etc. will be furnished. I work on this project alone, so to complete it faster I focus mainly on the exteriors.
What resource pack are you using?
A slightly tweaked version of Soartex Fanver. You can find my custom textures in the map archive.
What shaders are you using?
The pictures I've uploaded of the project were made with the rendering program Chunky. They are not in-game screenshots with shaders on. In the promotion video for Mattupolis I used the 'Conquest for the Sun' shaders.
How do I install the custom textures?
If you already have the Soartex resource pack downloaded (or whichever resource pack basically) open that resource pack archive with an extractor like WinRAR or 7zip. If the resource pack is for version 1.11.2, you should be able to just drag and drop the contents of the "Custom Textures" folder (the folder named "assets" to be exact) into the resource pack archive.
If the resource pack is for a newer version of Minecraft, the folder names for textures (and texture filenames themselves) have changed slightly so you'll have to replace the textures manually.
What are the coordinates for the city centre?
X: 580, Z: -525.
What are the coordinates for (insert location)?
Hover your mouse over the location on the interactive map and the co-ordinates will be shown in the bottom left corner.
I'm working on a list of coordinates for locations of interest on the map, stay tuned.
Which versions of Minecraft are compatible with this map?
1.11.2 and newer. The reason I'm not working on the newest versions is the lack of McEdit compatibility.

Check out my blog for high-res versions of the above pictures!
There is a dedicated YouTube channel for the project.

Render by Ryer

Render by Ryer

An overview of the map as of December 2021An overview of the map as of December 2021

Mattupolis: Modern City Project [Release 11] Minecraft Map

An aerial night view generated with Avoyd

About the project

After ditching my old project Mattula back in December 2011, I decided to build a new city with the help of some friends on a server I hosted, and that's how Mattupolis came to be. In 2014, not satisfied in the stylistic direction of city, I started to completely rework the city. That is when Vancouver, Canada became my main influence. Once complete, the map will consist not only of a diverse range of commercial, residential and industrial districts, but also the surrounding countryside, its small towns and natural sights.

Mattupolis is a Pacific Northwest -themed city, based mostly on Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA. The name is a combination of my Internet handle and "Metropolis". My aim is to create a somewhat modern, realistic and interesting city environment. So far there are 150-200 high-rises with more coming up at a steady pace, an observation tower based on Seattle's Space Needle, plenty of parks, a huge multi-purpose arena, at least one Tim Hortons/Starbucks per block, a music festival and a seaside convention center, just to name a few. Since New York City was my initial inspiration, the very center of Downtown is loosely based on Times Square. There is also a metro network and an airport (currently under construction).
From the looks of it right now, I will only furnish a few select buildings, as I barely have enough spare time to build the exteriors to begin with. I would like to see this project completed within the next couple years, not 20 years from now ;) More pictures will be uploaded as the city develops.

If you like this project, please consider leaving a diamond!

Cities that inspire me
Vancouver (BC), Seattle (WA), Portland (OR), Helsinki (FI), Tokyo (JP), Budapest (HU). Copenhagen (DK), Barcelona (ES).

Downloads for older versions
Release 2
Release 3
Release 4
Release 5
Release 6
Release 7
Release 8
Release 9
Release 9.5
Release 10

Please ignore the progress percentage, it's not very accurate.
CreditThanks to Flowtogo (http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/flowtogo/) and all the other builders who have helped form this city, the makers of Cartograph G and mcmap for maps, Chunky for super-amazing realistic renders and lentebriesje for realistic trees.
Progress55% complete

67 Update Logs

Mattupolis Release 11 : by mattuFIN 12/04/2021 8:45:30 amDec 4th, 2021

Mattupolis Release 11 (10 Year Anniversary)

What's new:

  • Terraformed, and populated with forests, the mountains to the north and northwest of the map, effectively completing the terrain of the entire map for now on
  • Started working on the north shore of Burrard Inlet. Introduced the new cities of North Mattupolis and West Mattupolis (both are very much a work in progress).
  • Extended the M3 metro line to the north shore and Pacific Heights in Mattupolis. Built a new metro-only bridge over Burrard Inlet. Most of the stations in the north are still unfinished.
  • Built a monorail inspired by Shonan Monorail in Kanagawa, Japan on the coast of British Bay spanning from Burrard Park to Discovery Island
  • Finished building Trans-Canada Highway all the way to the northwestern edge of the map. Some interchanges still remain unbuilt.
  • Started working on a bus network, so far bus stops have only been built in newer areas of the map. This will eventually extend to the older areas, as well.
  • Built St. Matthew's Cathedral in Downtown
  • Improved the horribly cramped and confusing street network in Downtown and Midtown. It's still far from perfect, but this was the best I could do without tearing down all the buildings in the area and starting from scratch.
  • Numerous other new buildings and improvements
  • New renders

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12/04/2022 3:11 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
loret010 avatar
This deserves a diamond!
12/04/2022 3:11 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
loret010 avatar
Oh and im the 1999 diamond. So close to 2k diamonds
11/16/2022 11:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3843917G avatar
Hey, i need to use your map to do my own video for high school, and I need to make changes, but i will put your name in my video. Can i do that please?
11/17/2022 3:11 am
Level 78 : Legendary Architect
mattuFIN avatar
Yeah sure!
11/13/2022 8:11 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
TheJay5151 avatar
This is by far my fav map! Im currently trying to build furniture and deco for every single building to make the map more lively!

I really like this map, keep up the good work!
11/03/2022 10:05 am
Level 27 : Expert Crafter
wwwwwew avatar
able in 1.7.10?
10/28/2022 10:02 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
PotasticPanda avatar
Love this map! its pretty cool, minus missing building parts or unfinished things, other wise its pretty i adore it <3 :D sorry if this is being asked before but i also have question regarding that, is the map being updated/worked on or is going to to remain in its current state? >->
10/30/2022 5:28 am
Level 78 : Legendary Architect
mattuFIN avatar
Hi! It's being updated but I can't give a reliable estimate on the next release yet.
10/30/2022 12:26 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
PotasticPanda avatar
Ah, alrighty ^^
09/28/2022 5:41 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
SquareRival avatar
What a great map! I was flying around, looking at he scenery and thought it reminded me a lot of Vancouver... then I read the description and read that Vancouver was actually the inspiration! That's so cool. From the skyline, to the skytrain network, to the sky-to-sky gondola, this map is so accurate. I love it so much.

I like to take scenic maps like this and add some parkour to them for my shorts channel. I'll definitely be using this map for videos, with credit of course <3

Thanks again for your great effort :)
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