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MC1880-T16676 Spectre Class Raider-Augmented Luxury Yacht

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Please read for important information regarding this series of projects.
Posting old projects I've either finished or nearly finished but dont have all the tools I previously had to work on them, to finish them. I also dont have as much time on my hands as I used to, so I'll post what I can, when I can.


The Meta-Conglomerate #1880 Type 16676 Spectre Class Raider-Augmented Luxury Yacht previously belonged to Baron Geil'Risei Pelto of the Shangrone Tapett Delta. During one of his frequent excursions conducting questionable business his ship was attacked and boarded by the Peltast Raiders, an extremest group operating in the very fringes of Union Space. The Baron was abducted and put out for ransom, although after the ransom was paid he was never found. His current whereabouts are unknown.

The Peltast Raiders took heavy interest in his yacht however, making effective use of its inherent stealth abilities and its surprisingly well armed and armored design they heavily augmented and retrofitted the design to better suit their needs. Although it had initially been best suited for atmospheric flight due to a far more uniform flying wing design, it has since been cut down and modified to change it into an air and space superiority craft.

Four cloaking field generators (one per wing) double as main reactor segments, and the radiator shield can open up to vent excess heat directly into space. Each wing also holds a medium anti-frigate turbocannon. The main body has also been augmented to allow for a singular strike craft to be stored within the rear hull to aid in harassing transport convoys and helping in boarding actions.

Length (M)

Width (M)

Height (M)

"When we first saw er', she was a thing of beauty. Her hull seamlessly meshed with her wings of stark white and gold and the engines purred like a newborn baby kitten. That politician we found inside gave us a hefty payday on top of this angel he was mistreatin' so we gladly liberated er' and turned the kitten into a jaguar. Still purrs like a kitten though, she'll never change in that regard." - Boss Colter Ramsey, (self-appointed by trial by combat) Captain of the Peltast Raiders.
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Where can i download this ? Also why is my profile shaking each time i type ?
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