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M.C.N. Galina SSN-150 Submarine (FTB Monster)

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skulblaka1632's Avatar skulblaka1632
Level 30 : Artisan Engineer
Welcome to the M.C.N. Galina SSGN-143.  She's the first in a new line of submarines that utilise Feed The Beast Monster 1.6.4.  The basic idea was that my previous submarines while detailed and cool, weren't able to fully match the ideas I had in my head.  So here we are, an all new type of submarine that is highly detailed, highly technical, and at the same time utliises a common set of mods that are already combined.  She was commissioned on March 18th 2015 and began sea trials on April 5th 2015.  

You are more than welcome to use the Galina on your own worlds and on your servers, I ask only that you give me full credit for the project and if its to be on a server, let me see the server map that it would be placed in.  If you are going to use the Galina on one of your maps, note that copying and pasting with MCEdit will require all the signal controlers and receivers from Railcraft that are used on the various ship systems be reconnected properly.  A video will be coming a week or so after posting to assist with reconnecting the controlers with their receivers.  Also keep in mind that should you wish to rotate the sub, a lot of things are going to need repairs so its easiest if it always faces east.

Outer Dimensions:           L=179   W=35   H=30
Main Hull Dimensions:   L=174   W=17   H=15
Sail Dimensions:              L=29     W=7      H=9
Submerged Displacement:   32,854 metric tons

Functional Features
  • Watertight doors between all compartments
  • Torpedo tubes
  • Torpedo loading hatch
  • Streamlined deck exit from sali
  • Sail top exit
  • Lockout room for 15 special forces
  • Reactor battery
  • Enchanting facilities
  • Auxiliary diesel engine
  • Forward emergency battery
  • Industrialcraft reactor
  • Reactor control room
  • Port & starboard reactor turbines
  • Engine compartment emergency battery
Future plans

The Galina is going to be an eventual part of a massive submarine fleet, comprised of refitted versions of my previous submarine projects and completely new designs many of which are near complete hulls  but are awaiting being fitted out with their interiors.  If there is enough interest then I'll consider posting what I have so far but as of now I'd rather post each submarine as I finish it.  

The design ideas behind the Galina will be utilized by my older submarines in their refittings as well as any future submarines that join the Galina in the MineCraft Navy (M.C.N.)  They will also pe incorporated into a redesigned submarine drydock world in addition to the planned submarine fleet world.
Progress90% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by skulblaka1632 09/17/2015 3:24:53 amSep 17th, 2015

Made a few changes to the Galina class submarine
  • Added a brewing and enchanting room
  • Added a reactor readout panel in the control room
  • Changed the missile setup from 6 large missiles to 12 missiles more along the lines of a tomahawk

  • Shortened the overall length of the sub by 1 meter

  • Reduced the rudder planes by 1 meter each
  • Installed a emergeny escape hatch in the engineering compartment
  • Added 14 additional crew beds to the missile compartment
  • Improved periscope and radio antenas
  • Reduced the font size for the hull identification number

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09/17/2015 6:20 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Guard
Overlord_Aqua_2's Avatar
errrr..........ummm......... No Comment
Just Throwing 64 Blocks of Diamond :D
05/01/2015 7:01 pm
Level 43 : Master Soldier
jackvony's Avatar
Awesome sub! What mods did you use?
05/01/2015 10:57 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Engineer
skulblaka1632's Avatar
The primary mods that I used are as follows:

IC2 Exp  (experimental industrialcraft)
mircroblocks (part of redpower2)
project red (expansion to redpower2)
tinkers mechworks
minefactory reloaded

I might have missed some in there but those are the big ones.
04/09/2015 5:27 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Senpai
GrayRemnant's Avatar
Amazing build!  The interior is really cool!
04/09/2015 5:01 am
Level 44 : Master Narwhal
TurtleP3guin's Avatar
Very nice submarine! You should check out my subarines too :)
04/08/2015 4:07 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Architect
alexvilleenjincom's Avatar
Looks really good!