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Measure grid to support building to scale

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avatar NowoCraft
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When building larger structures, I found it hard to count the blocks needed for the foundation. The proportions ended up wrong and I had to re-work it considerably. I then had the idea of creating a grid to use for this purpose. Since I used quite a few schematics from this side, I wanted to give something back. So if you use WorldEdit and could use it, please download it.


The Zip-File contains 4 schematics:
building_grid_01.schem => this is the standard 2D 100x100 grid
building_grid_02.schem => this grid has additional hight information (10 blocks)
building_grid_03.schem => in addition to the hight information, this also has depth information (10 blocks)

Additionally, there is a more flexible without markers for the 5th block: building_grid_centre.schem

How to use

In order to use the files, you need to have Minecraft Forge and WorldEdit installed.

Unzip the file and put the schematics in the following folder:
In your world, open the WorldEdit command line and with //schem load building_grid_0n.schemyou can load the schematic, with the n being replaced by the number of the schematic you want to load.
Using paste you can then paste the grid into your world

I used the following colours:
Red - the first block
Yellow & Black - alternating blocks
White - 5th block (counting from the corner, not the centre and missing from building_grid_centre.schem)
Purple - blocks surrounding the 50th block

Tips and tricks:

It's best to first paste the structure relatively high in the air
  • you can then see the direction it is facing and change it (via //rotate 90 (or 180/270))
  • you can select a new copy point that is better for you
  • you can select and copy only part of the structure, for the size you need
  • you can use //rotate 0 90 0 to flip it horizontally (as in the main picture)
Count Warning!
If you look at the grid it isn't actually 100 x 100 but a 101 x 101 one. If you start at the bottom left red block, then the bottom right red block or the top left red block are not #100 but #101.

This has one major disadvantage: The #5s (white) don't look like they're really in the middle.
This is because in order to work properly and to be flexible (copying only parts), this is not an outside grid.
Please check the pictures for a more visual explanation.

Hope this helps!
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 - added grid without markings for "5" : 01/15/2020 10:15:45 amJan 15th

I realised that for structures that don't start in a corner but should rather start from the centre, the markings for the 5th step were totally confusing. I added a neutral grid just with markings for every 10th step. The others are still useful, but this one is more generic.

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