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Medieval Fantasy Style Themed Kingdoms and Landscaping World Build

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Minecraft_Dad's Avatar Minecraft_Dad
Level 24 : Expert Architect
Hey everyone,

in this Creative 1.19+ Vanilla Minecraft World i will build
  • medieval houses
  • castles
  • kingdoms
  • underground structures ( cities )
  • dragons
  • flying cities
  • and more

Everything will be build in a standard 1.19+ Vanilla Minecraft Creative World

NO MODS ( with the exception of the ReplayMod to make recording Timelapes easier for me )
NO COMMAND LINES ( besides weather and time changes )

Everything will be build by hand and block by block and yes even the terraforming part because i like to punish myself ;P

The World will be downloadable for free and updated once per week.


Minecraft Dad Channel Intro Trailer:

If you want to make a video while in my world or about certain parts of it feel free to do so.
If you want to copy the builds from this world feel free to do so.
All i am asking for is that you give me credit by linking to one of my profiles.
ty in advance.

I know that the Download Size increased drasticaly from the last Update. The reason for that is that i was preloading the chunks for the World overview Map ingame to get a better overview for myslef where i want to build what and to give you guys an idea how big this project is gonna be.

Here is the First Month Recap Video:

And i will stream the building progress as often as i can here:


This is a Work in Progress so things will go wrong but i will do my best to keep everything as smooth as i am able to.

I wish you guys all the best and have fun.

Minecraft Dad
Progress0% complete

6 Update Logs

Update #6 : by Minecraft_Dad 08/05/2022 4:38:47 pmAug 5th, 2022

New Youtube Video for the updated Map
New Screenshots matching the updated Map
Updated the Map to Minecraft 1.19.2
New Houses
Almost all Houses have handmade furniture now
New Areas to explore
Started to Build the Underground Area

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07/02/2022 8:19 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3918675G's Avatar
Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see it when its complete. Hope there will be interiors in the castles along with a jousting arena and an evil castle kingdom in the nether.
07/02/2022 8:31 pm
Level 24 : Expert Architect
Minecraft_Dad's Avatar
Ty a lot for your kind words. Planed is a lot i give my best to also update the map at a reasonable pace.
And be assured a nether castle is on the to do list 😉
07/02/2022 8:51 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3918675G's Avatar
Anytime. I can't wait. to see the throne rooms in the castles and i hope they have more than one throne and I hope the nether castle kingdom has interiors as well