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Medieval Ship Lodya "Vorobey" & "Yastreb"

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The Lodya was developed around the 10th century in the Baltic region and was one of the most favoured ships of the Rus and Slavs. Many features of the Lodya were modelled on the Norman longships. However, the Lodya was a much smaller vessel and had a greater draught. A maximum crew of 40 men could be accommodated on her. In terms of construction, too, people tendet to rely on the tried and tested. The first Lodyas were biult as dugout canoes, usually from oak or linden.

The Lodya made it possible for the Rus to advance as far as the Mediterrean. This type of ship was also involved in numerous battles between the Byzantines and the Rus, but also provided a trade boom for the cities of Kiev and Novgorod.

The Lodyas "Vorobey" and "Yastreb" are part of the German medieval roleplay server creative-empire.de .

Texturepack: Default

Shader: SEUS-Renewed-v1.0.1

German medieval Server: creative-empire.de

Minecraft Version: 1.17.1

Feel free to use my work as long as you mention me as the author.

I'm curious to see which harbours my ships will visit :)

You're welcome to send me your results!


Die Lodya entwickelte sich etwa um das 10. Jahrhundert im baltischen Raum und war eines der bevorzugtesten Schiffe der Rus und Slaven. Viele Merkmale der Lodya wurden den normannischen Langschiffen nachempfunden. Allerdings war die Lodya deutlich kleiner und besaß einen größeren Tiefgang. Eine maximale Besatzung von 40 Mann konnte auf ihr Platz finden. Auch in der Bauweise hat man sich eher auf altbewährtes verlassen. So wurden die ersten Lodyas als Einbaum, meist aus einer Eiche oder Linde, gebaut.

Die Lodya ermöglichte es den Rus bis in den Mittelmeerraum vorzustoßen. Ebenso war dieser Schiffstyp in zahlreichen Schlachten zwischen den Byzantinern und den Rus involviert, sorgten aber auch für einen Handelsaufschwung der Städte Kiew und Novgorod.

Die Lodyas "Vorobey" und "Yastreb" sind Teil des deutschen mittelalterlichen Roleplay Servers creative-empire.de .

Fühl dich frei meine Arbeit zu nutzen, solange du mich als Autor erwähnst.

Ich bin gespannt, welche Häfen meine Schiffe besuchen :)

Gerne könnt ihr mir eure Ergebnisse zusenden!
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01/11/2022 5:42 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Artist
Craftrick avatar
Cool boat! Although I slightly question the history- Since, after what I've learnt, the longships were commonly just the boat, most were somewhere like 7 meters long and 3-4 meters wide- This boat has deep enough hull to even have a floor plan!

But, alas- Not here for trouble, just fact-checking. Great boat!
01/11/2022 3:56 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Sailor
LordKasius avatar
Well yes and no. Over the centuries both types of ships developed side by side. However, the Lodya always remained smaller than the snekkar or drakkar. The longship you maybe mean was the most widespread and most used type of longship, called knorr.

But most people understand a longship to be a snekkar or a drakkar. These could reach lengths up to 30m and above^^
01/11/2022 4:14 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Artist
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Alright! Good to finally meet another person with obscure facts about boats! xP

It is truly true what you're saying, and I won't disagree to it, lol

Well, have a good day ^^
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