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avatar Rho569120
Level 31 : Artisan Architect
Structure is a part of a bundle I am steadily making. It is meant as an off world colony building, it'll inevitably be one of many modules for a hive city. I say module because players will be able to put these where they want and itd look good still.

All are a part of the "Age Of Valandus" project that I am making. You can find other structures and massive hive cities there. Link is below.
The Age Of Valandus
The Texture pack is called "Our Rise." I do not know the website link, sorry. But the mediafire link I have is below. I claim no ownership of the texture pack
There will be about a dozen more structures. This one will be able to be
made into a multi level hive structure as well. the grass would be the
level above ground, and yes there will be platforms that can link to
that to help give it  a better look.



Diamond if you life it!
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