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avatar xDEFCONx
Level 37 : Artisan Architect
Great, this website just deleted the WHOLE description I wrote. Congratulations, Planet Minecraft, Was it worth it?

Well, a quick re-write. This city is the largest one I've ever constructed out of all the cities I have. With over a month in it, the city had 2 great helpers, MenTalTerYn and Dune_Jumper, who helped me out on flattening out at least 7km of Minecraft land, and adding additional structures to the land (only 3). I built the rest of the things that are going to be listed by hand. They are:
-2 parks
-A working monorail system
-Free Build sector (for a server if you'd like)
-A store
-Scenic routes
-Private homes
-large housing sector
-4 giant pyramids

There may be more that I may have left out, but it's a good enough list for anyone to think "Wow, that must've been a hard thing to do in one month!" Well, that's the wonders of summer break, mah boi.


Additional Notes

Thanks to MenTalTerYn and Dune_Jumper! Thank you SO MUCH for helping out on flattening out the land and adding 3 great structures!
CreditMenTalTerYn, Dune_Jumper, xDEFCONx
Progress100% complete

07/01/2011 5:01 pm
Level 49 : Master Ninja
its amazing but there are a few things that could be touched up like the minecart track to the country house its not finished and some of the buildings are missing blocks but other than that its great
07/01/2011 8:27 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Architect
Uh one thing = it was in one of my servers. Griefers may have removed some bllocks, but ones I missed (you must say) are hard to spot, since I fixed most of the visible one. And also, that track IS finsihed, you were wrong about that.
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