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[Skyscraper] Mei Pak Court, Hong Kong | 香港沙田美柏苑


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Dennie Mok
Level 53 : Grandmaster Architect
*The Red building that is next to Mei Pak Court is the Shek Kip Mei Estate.

Current Progress:
1. Exterior 80%
2. Interior 0%
3. Environment and the surroundings 0%
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A. Background 背景資訊

Mei Pak Court(Chinese: 美柏苑)is one one of the Estate included in the Home Ownership Scheme that is managed by the Hong Kong Housing Authority. It is still under construction and will be completed in 2016 by estimation. It is located in Tai Wai, Shatin District near a couples of Public and Private Estates. The highlight of this Court is that there is only One Building with 33 floors (288 units)

美柏苑(英語:Mei Pak Court)是香港房屋委員會正在興建的居屋屋苑之一,位於新界大圍碧田路2號,翠景花園旁邊,與香粉寮一帶多個公屋及居屋屋苑並鄰。屋苑預計於2016年落成,全屋苑只有一座住宅大樓,共33層樓高,提供288伙單位。

The Estate is supposed to be finished at the end of 2016. The construction project has not been completed in the real life so there is not much detail we can gather. This Minecraft Replica Project can only rely on the floor plan and the official model made by the Hong Kong Housing Authority. Therefore there are limited screenshots as the project has stopped for a while since then.

B. Screenshots 截圖

C. Real Screenshots 實景

Progress: 40% Complete

Update #2 : 12/26/2016 8:04:14 pm12/26/16

Now with download link and new screenshots

Update #1 : 04/06/2016 9:25:52 am4/06/16

Major Updates
1. New cover Photo
2. Renew download Links
3. More description

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