Melar Mountain Guild: Ironclad [Land Vehicle]

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avatar Overlord_Aqua_2
Level 43 : Master Mage
My 1st submission for Guild Race Round 2 by LogMaiden.
[​2nd submission in total]

Not assigned in any quest.

Details: Melar Mountain Guilds' first man-powered heavy vehicle, the Ironclad. This vehicle is controlled and powered by total of 13 people (1 for front wheels, 2 as commands, 4 watchmen, and 6 for back wheels). It has 4 medium ballista which shoots 5 bolts simultaneously and 1 heavy ballista that shoots 3 medium bolts simultaneously. The armor was heavy, making the vehicle tougher and hard for any piercing weapons to penetrate it.

The Ironclad is capable of carrying 16 militia. This will make it easy to transport the Melar Mountain Guilds' warriors from current destination without making the warriors charge in the battlefield.

Rendered from Blender 3D

Minecraft Version: 1.14.4

Shader Used: Sildurs Enhanced Default v1.081
Progress100% complete

09/15/2020 10:33 am
Level 46 : Master Guard
Dude, I hecking love this. Great work!
09/15/2020 10:34 am
Level 43 : Master Mage
Thanks! I’ve been experimenting XD
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