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This is a bit different from the Middle Earth map that you're used to. The idea was to re-create Tolkien's world using terrain from real world Europe. Gondor is Northern Italy and the Alps, the Misty Mountains are Scandinavia (translated South), the Shire is England, and Mordor is a modified Carpathian Mountains.

Obviously this doesn't line up exactly with the traditional map of Middle Earth, the rivers especially are not all correct as I used / modified some of the original European rivers that were close to the Middle Earth equivalents.

The other thing you'll surely notice is that Mordor is not a black wasteland. Perhaps this is as it was before Sauron? My version of Mt. Doom was based on real world woodland volcanos like Mt. Etna and Mt. Saint Helens.

The map has caves and ores below the surface, but no structures. The only man-made feature is the major North/South and East/West road of Middle Earth, which runs from the Shire down through Gondor.

Map is roughly 12k by 8k blocks. Spawn is in the Shire.
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