Minecart Mayhem (Target Block Mini-Game)

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avatar shubu
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Target Block single-player mini-game built in Vanilla Survival 1.16 (edited in Creative). This game is akin to Pokemon Snap. Ride around the course in a minecart and try to hit all the target blocks. The game will report your score at the end. Try to beat our high scores!

Most target blocks are worth 1 point, some of the challenging blocks are worth 2, see if you can find them!

There is 1 secret exit. We challenge you to unlock it.

Make sure you have Noteblock sounds on. Comment below and let us know your high score! Enjoy!

Game designed and built by Shubu and Koloss09


Full Run of the Course here. MAJOR SPOILERS. Secret exit shown.
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