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Minecraft 2 electric boogaloo ‾®

MC2EB was a six-month-long realm, that had 9 players at its peak but had ten players in total
XI_HarryHD_IX izzychu25 vegetalfuritilly Yami_Beast BbPumpkinSpice
RYYFRY Revenukem froobinacloob westcleric EenGekkeFox

all players were split into different teams, each team had its own number, color, and corresponding zone on the map.
team 1 team 2 & 3 team 4 team 5 team6 late

side note - some f the "facilities" and almost all the of "ministry of secrets" has been removed for public viewing

to download the map, go onto the dropbox link, download all the files, make a folder and move all the dropbox files into it, open %appdata% on your pc, chose Minecraft, go to saves and move/ add you folder (containing all the world files). when u next go onto Minecraft there will be a new map (that's the world)

Warning - the sever is not finished and will come back as MC2EB.1 (this will be after Christmas 2020) and due to the game version
MC world edit does not work so any progress you make independently on your own game save will not be carried over the next session we use this map. this map is free to use by anyone who wants, but please give credit to the original creates when necessary- furthermore more this page is only really intended for the original player's consumption.

Thank u all for playing thumb_up_alt
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08/13/2020 4:40 pm
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Oh, come on man! Electric boogaloo? I see you're a Hermit fan as well! :D
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