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Minecraft Awesome House [WIP]

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N52 avatar N52
Level 40 : Master Taco
This Is A Map I Will Do With All The Minecraft 1001 Things To Build Which Has 300+ Things Actually So I Have Started But It WIll Take Some Time Althought This Is About 15% Done And Still Work In Progress
This Is All Legit

Additional Notes

I Forgot To Add This When I Started So Now I Added It And I Will Have To Update It Rarely Because School Is Coming!
Progress15% complete

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09/01/2011 1:00 pm
Level 40 : Master Taco
N52 avatar
no i made it like it cuz i like the design but i lost the map i will update this tomorrow
you will se i want it to be like in millienare but with 3 floors and better
09/01/2011 11:42 am
Level 1 : New Miner
beanemcbean avatar
so you have just taken the biggest house from millenare mod and added a bit?
08/31/2011 10:53 am
Level 20 : Expert Artist
Clui avatar
alright ill post my opinion on it and what you need to improve:

Its way too simple, Dont make your creations completely square like you did and use more blocks and creativity.
And try to use more than 2 blocks for the home.

I guess for a starter its slightly good but it would be the other way round if you have been playing for 6+ months.
08/31/2011 12:00 pm
Level 40 : Master Taco
N52 avatar
this is not done it will have a piston door when it is finished and i will also add a roof and a attic and new things so it will be better and this should be done when i finish all challenges from 1001 to make in minecraft also the map will be released then and have been playing 6-7 months just to let you know!
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