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Minecraft Battle Mode: Cove Large+ Download - (Bedrock)

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Bedrock Edition
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“A world built deep in the Nether, with plenty of lava for your enemies to swim in!” It’s a description only fit for the map Crucible.

It feels like whenever you ask a Minecraft Battle Mode player what their favourite Battle Map was they say “Cove” & can you really blame them? Unlike Cavern which we covered in the previous episode, Cove wasn’t one of the most strategic maps in all the Battle Mode options in fact it was one of the least.

So welcome to the Pirates Cove, this dreamy Arena designed by the exceptionally talented people at 4J Studios was home to many competitive & casual Minecraft Legacy Console Edition Battle Mode matches.

When it was released for free with the official launch of "Battle Mode" on June 21, 2016, Cove was one of the best maps you could play & unlike some of its contemporaries changed drastically when it was played on either its small variant made for eight players or less or when it was played on it’s Large or Large+ variant made for nine to sixteen players.

Playing on the Small variant wasn’t at all a bad thing neither was playing on the Large or Large+ variants.

What was cool was both versions were similar but like two different maps at the same time & depending on which one you were playing on, it could drastically change how you performed in a match.

Starting with Cove’s small variant though you spawned in a circle-like arena & what that meant was there were no back corners to camp in, with only one way in & one way out.

Moving on to the Large & Large+ versions of Cove you’ll notice the map changes from being the small circle-like arena into more of an oval-shaped arena that doesn’t have the option to go around the entire top section of the map changing how the map plays.

This version of Cove subjectively is the most strategic as you have more variation in regards to where you want to fight as you can fight at ground level or on the top levels at places like the skull & long bridges.

You can also fight in the middle areas like the platform above spawn, the massive pirate ship & some other locations.
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