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Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.7.1 World Xbox 360 World 3 Corrupted

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avatar lizking10152011
Level 30 : Artisan Artist
World Name: Xbox 360 World III Corrupted
Compatible with: Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.7.1 and Higher
Has Been in Creative/Cheats Activated?: No (You can earn achievements on this map.)


Has your Xbox 360 World ever had a major hiccup when it converted over to Bedrock Edition? Did the conversion messup and drop part of the Xbox 360 Nether and End into the Overworld? Did the game corrupt away alot of your builds with new landscape? Did the game not convert any of the 1.13 content? Did the game make random water sinkholes in the ocean post conversion? If this is the random crazy stuff you like to get weird with it (or find a creative application to make a broken map better), then this map is for you.

It is a failed corrupted variant of my Xbox 360 World 3 that got all mashed up in conversion from Xbox 360 to Bedrock Edition. Unfortunately, the old End Portal was destroyed due to the corruption but due to the world being infinite, the closest stronghold is at X=-638, Z=1634, right at a Spruce Village for those that want to work with this world in Survival and want to goto the End, and yes, the End and Nether were properly updated upon conversion and no longer have their 360 counterparts (Invisible/Bedrock walls) in it.

The great thing about the Old End and part of the Old Nether being in the overworld is that alot of hard to obtain resources, such as End Stone and Glowstone are more readily available now :) . Noe that the overworld hostile mobs will spawn in these areas though.

This is playable in single player, though I do not know if it is with friends over Crossplatforming and LIVE.

Some of the biomes include: Spruce Taiga Hills, Jungle, Birch Forest Hills, Forest Hills, Swamp
Progress100% complete

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