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Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.8 World 'Beta 1.7.3 gargamel'

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avatar lizking10152011
Level 31 : Artisan Artist
Just a note for Moderators and Admin, this file is for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, not Java/PC Edition as the other variants are here on Planet Minecraft, making it an original file. Unlike the 1-4 MB Anvil File Format files posted by other users years ago here on Planet Minecraft, I took the time to uncover 40-50MB of chunks on Java Edition of this world, before using MCC Tool Chest PE to convert the world to Bedrock Edition, preserving more of the world on Bedrock Edition the way it was in Minecraft Java Edition Beta 1.7.3.

World Name: Java Beta 1.7.3 gargamel
Version Created in: Minecraft Java Edition Beta 1.7.3
Compatible with: Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.8 and Higher
Has Been in Creative/Cheats Activated?: No (You can earn achievements on this map.)


This world is the famous Minecraft Java Edition Beta 1.7.3 seed gargamel. I took the time to load in the best of the best of chunks near spawn and oddly even the newly generated chunks with Bedrock Edition for the most part match up oddly well.

Basically, you can travel and see the way Minecraft used to be; less biomes but more amazing terrain generation. Larger Beaches and hills, Gravel Beaches, natural overhangs, etc. Returning the memories of classic Minecraft, bringing them back for you all to experience again.

Conversion Bugs

-Minecraft Java Edition Release 1.0's biomes stuck to this world before conversion due to having to open the world in Minecraft Java Edition 1.2.1 before conversion to allow conversion to happen (Worlds generated in Minecraft 1.0 and back used MCRegion file format. Minecraft converted these worlds over to Anvil format in Java Edition 1.2 and above)
Progress100% complete

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