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Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.8 World 'Mesa 3'

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avatar lizking10152011
Level 32 : Artisan Artist
World Name: Mesa 3
Compatible with: Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.8 and Higher
Has Been in Creative/Cheats Activated?: No (You can earn achievements on this map.)


This world seed was accidentally found recently by Youtuber IBXToyCat when he was attempting a No Damage Minecraft Completion Run and is really broken. For those that want the world seed without my added builds, the seed is -1593658443 . This world is amazing as there are alot of rare circumstances and oddities crammed together. Examples include a Desert Temple that goes over three biomes (Forest-Desert-Mesa) as well as a Dark Oak Abandoned Mineshaft on the Surface that does the same.

There are three Dark Oak abandoned Mineshafts on the Surface, one of which that has three Cave Spider Spawners outside on the Surface! I spawned the world several times over before keeping the random loot in the Minecarts, as with the last result, there is an Enchanted Book in nearly every Minecart! The Biomes all relatively close to Spawn have a good selection as well including Forest, Desert, Mesa Bryce, Swamp, and Savannah Plateau!

At the one end of the Mesa, there is also an Ocean Monument for additional Gold if the large Mesa wasn't enough. On another end of it, there is a large Ravine that gives easy access to alot of Gold Ore! If you are looking for a Gold Rush, this seed is it. One of the tops of the Mesa is the same block height for a good distance, creating easy flat landscape to build ontop of as well.

I have added a nice looking hut (That I recently built in a friend's world) and a Greenhouse (Partial Credit to LadyGenesis for her Greenhouse design, as I made tweaks to it) at Spawn as well as left (Most of) the Bonus Starter Chest. The house has an Enchanted Table, Cobblestone Generator, and a Nether Portal ready to go already! It's cozy and offers alot for a small size. The greenhouse has a (Slow) Cactus Generator installed as well as Bamboo, Cocoa Beans, Sugar Canes, Pumpkins, Melons, Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes, and Beetroot all growing. I also hid a stash of enchanted goodies somewhere in the world if this world already didn't offer enough. Find them and they're yours :) .

Some of the biomes include: Forest, Desert, Mesa Bryce, Savannah Plateau, Swamp
Creditto Youtuber IBXToyCat for sharing the seed to this world, to LadyGenesis for her Greenhouse design.
Progress100% complete

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