Chase City International Airport

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avatar Chasesky
Level 5 : Apprentice Architect
Large International Airport being built by me and some of my friends. Two Story Airport with Approximately 420 Blocks Long on each side with a 90 degree turn in the middle to create a sort of L shape. (See Pictures) Still, a long way to go, but right now includes

-Baggage Check

-Security Check

-Monorail on either end of Airport, Planned to connect to Island terminals

-Many shops including:

Duty-Free, Food Court, Sit Down Restaurants, Banks, and Lounges

-Smoking Rooms and Restrooms

-Eight Gates on each side of terminal including 2 747 Gates

-Two airplanes, 1 Crj-700 and 1 Boeing 737-700 (All airplanes are original models created by Chasesky)

-Fully connected simulated baggage system

-Customs & Baggage Claims

-ATC Tower and Approach Control Center
CreditChasesky, Obimaster28, Jdr24, Tain3854, and BOS_Paladin
Progress35% complete

2 Update Logs

One Year Update! : 08/31/2018 7:24:12 pmAug 31st, 2018

It's been a while. but we're back after the map was created one whole year ago! I'm trying to work on it while I can, but the summer made it very difficult to run server sessions w/ friends. So let's see what has changed since the last update!


+Added Taxiways

+Added Runway 36-18

+Added Four more gates, bringing total to 20 gates in T1

+Added windows to jetways

+Added gray wool to jetways to represent flexible joint

+Added fuel tanks to bottom of West Wing

+Added road from road entrance into the airport road network


+Added new airplane design: DHC 8 - 300 Model

+Modified Crusade aircraft liveries

+Modified Aircraft interiors


-Removed Burger shop (John's Burgers) found in the West Wing

+Added Tram Station in West wing to replace Burger Shop

---Baggage Claim and Customs---

+Refitted customs to be more realistic to real customs areas in some airports

+Added Windows in Passenger drop-off and pick-up areas

+Added floor patterns for decorations in baggage claim

+Added seating in the baggage claim area

+Added fish tank in front of the exit of customs area #1


+Added large parking garage with over 400 parking spots

+Added bridges to connect terminal 1 to Garage


+Replaced Many quartz materials with other blocks to add variety such as seats
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