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Minecraft: Dallas, Texas (PlayStation 4: Edition)

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avatar Jimmy847
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Hello everybody, we meet again.

On my submissions I had posted myself building the city of Dallas, Texas, starting with the 72-story, 923 foot Bank of America. I thought it was a great start, since it wasn't so difficult, and I figured I could scale out other buildings and make it a reference point to the surrounding environment.

After extending to the Renaissance Tower and the Drever, I figured everything was going pretty good. However, the reason I stopped documenting the build was to figure it out.

I've been to Dallas multiple times, traversed and explored Downtown. Pay close attention to the street layout; building Chicago was relatively easy, since all streets run NESW, however with Dallas, primarily the Arts District, those streets ran diagonal from the main street district. This made it difficult to place buildings where they should, and mapping out the streets.

I actually abandoned the project after August, hoping I would eventually figure it out. Before the entire coronavirus hiatus, I was actually planning on how to return and fix the street issue. Sure enough, spring break came, and I went back to business. Within a week, I had completed what I wanted to get over with, and eventually expanded to more.

What I have so far:
-Bank of America (923')
-Renaissance Tower (886')
-Comerica Bank Tower (787')
-Chase Tower (738')
-Fountain Place (720')
-Trammell Crow Center (686')
-The new AMLI Fountain Place (562')
-The new HALL Arts Hotel & Residences (440')
-Spur 380 (Woodall Rogers Freeway)
-Spur 380 & I-75 Interchange

What I am missing:
-The iconic Reunion Tower (The Ball)
-Dealey Plaza (JFK Assassination site)
-Uptown Dallas (Perot Museum, Victory Park, AA Center, etc.)
-Sheraton Hotel
-OMNI Hotel, Belo, Convention Center

If anybody has any questions, feel free to contact me at jimmyyyyy847@gmail.com
Alternatively, you can add me on PSN: FishSaucer, and message me if you would like to view this world.
I will update this with more images.

I hope to expand more and eventually build what the city of Dallas is, thank you, and stay safe!

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