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Level 33 : Artisan Cake
Here It is. this is a minecraft version of the game "Guess Who". it is a two player game that will have you pick one of your favorite Minecrafters and watch as your opponent tries to figure out who it is. you as well will be trying to figure out who your opponent has chosen. there is very little redstone so it shouldn't lag. but there will be one part where a wall of sand falls but that should only be a couple of second. This is a fun map that is meant for enjoyment. Also any ideas on how to improve this or ideas for pixel arts or maps would be much appreciated.

there are 24 minecrafters/youtubers to chose from

1. skydoesminecraft

2. Honey dew

3. Xephos

4. Captainsparkles

5. Antvenom.

6. Chemnyswift

7. Ethoslab

8. Topmass

9. Sethbling

10. TrueMU

11. Deadlox

12. MinecraftFinest

13. Tobuscus

14. HuskyMudkips

15. Asf Jerome

16. Bajan Canadian

17. Ihascupquake

18. SkitsScape

19. Xrpmx13

20. Keralis

21. Kermitplaysminecraft

22. Bashur

23. Cavemanfilms

24. BebopVox

also sorry about the delay on the doctor who stuff. I've been working and I've been having to finish up my online class so today was the only free time i had to work.
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  • June 15, 2013, 8:25 pm

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