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Minecraft HTTYD Adventure Map

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InviziGamer_25's Avatar InviziGamer_25
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Minecraft HTTYD Adventure Map

Map made by InviziGamer_25, this map has many islands to explore, caves, biomes, this map was made to play with some httyd mods like Isle of Berk Mod and How To Train Your Dragon Craft and other mods 1.15.2+ depending if you uses 1.15.2 or 1.16.5 or 1.17.1 or higher...

I'll include on this page later, a modpack to play with the map, but for now, it won't be possible, as some mods still don't have big and/or stable updates, enter the Discord of HTTYDC and the Isle of Berk Mod as well!!!

This map only have normal, but complex isles, you will not find an entire Httyd isle, I made my own isles, there will be a problem with the minecraft creature spawning, probably will only spawn monsters and mod creature...

I created my own archipelago and gave the name: Cobblek Archipelago, there is every minecraft biome in this map, there are also good caves to explore...

This map was unfinished, some isles are wip, the finished and detailed isles are: Yaskkin Isle, Edge Peaks, Edge Beauty, Hunter's Isle, Smeltery Isle, Cure Isle and one more that I don't remember name :/

Viking Ages Craft Discord: (replaced httydc server)

Isle of Berk Discord:
Progress100% complete

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08/31/2022 12:32 pm
He/Him • Level 20 : Expert Archer
InviziGamer_25's Avatar
Enter on Discord, we have a server with this map!!! The modpack for the server is on discord also...