[Minecraft Minigame] Clash of Aeris

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Level 1 : New Crafter
This is a PvP Map based on creativity and quick witted crafting of players.
The goal of this map is to amount as many resources as possible during a 'peaceful' period, where players in their selected teams spend 15 to 25 minutes hunting mobs and pillaging their elected islands to amass an arsenal against the opposing team.

Once the timer hits 0, both teams will be teleported to a battlefield, where diamonds, workplaces and cannons are ready to be used; But whoever wins comes down to the most resourceful player, who may craft up traps, bridges, use a bow or make a creative deathtrap for enemies. Both teams fight, until a last man is standing, to which, his team is victorious.
Recommended Team Size: 4vs4 to 6vs6

Recommended Texture Pack: A'therys Ascended

Additional Notes

Game Features
o No mods required
o Works for multiplayer
o Custom monsters
o Time selection
o Team selection

Important Server Settings
o pvp=true
o spawn-npcs=true
o spawn-animals=true
o view-distance=15
o enable-command-block=true

You can make videos using this map, but please credit my trailer or PMC post.
Special thanks to AKA|Minecraft for helping with builds and server hosting!
Progress: 100% Complete
Credit:AKA Minecraft

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