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MCMOBA - Minecraft Strategy PvP Minigame

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avatar Mineshelterzzz
Level 24 : Expert Ninja
Hello and thanks for taking a look at this large project.

If you end up liking this map, rating this a Diamond would be nice! =)

YAY: The "Balance Update" is live, each team has now got a better chance of winning the game and having a better way to comeback in the lategame! Read the full patchnotes below!

Small overview
This is a map based on the famous MOBA called League of Legends, this is a strategy pvp game using team vs team fights until one base falls, to do so you need to destroy all towers and the inhibitor in one (or more) paths, then you will be able to tear down the Nexus and win the game! Both teams try to do this, so defend your base and make sure you use the slightest advantage you can get from this gamemode.

Do you dare fighting a Wither, destroy one of the opponents inhibitors and one lucky person in your team will achieve the lost skull, make sure the enemy team doesn't notice you, and kill this monster for it's awesome sword.

What to do in the map
First you want to make sure you have enough heroes ready for battle, pick a team and pull the great lever, make sure to heal yourself with the free given apples in the lobby before going into a game.

At the start, the best strategy is to go down middlelane, here you wan't to farm enough cobblestone you need, and deny it from your enemies. Get that tasty Stone Pickaxe and head straight to the ore lane, defend the ore's and mine them when possible, having a hard time gathering ore's? Try and get those nice secret Buffs found in jungle, this way you melt away your enemies with damage. After the Iron, Diamonds will slowly start spawning, these are extremely valuable and you must get them, paying 30 Levels for one Diamond is way too much if you can get them free in lane, after you see the first Gold Ore you know there is one Diamond and one Gold Ore left, from that moment on you are stuck with two lanes of cobblestone, be aware of that.

Buying and cooking food early in the game gives you enough food for half the game, and enchanting pickaxes help you destroy these obsidian blocks to tear down that one tower, but keep in mind, all enemy towers will fire back at you with deadly poison bringing you to half a heart, so be prepared.

Pro Tips
-Never give up, as long as you can keep your defence up and protect any tower, you should be all good, if you can get it to the late game each member will be able to buy their own Diamonds and have their own unique set. (This may take a while!)

-Have enough food, you can never have enough food, so make sure you buy potato's early game and cook them right away.

-Play with the enemy, let them think you are all at one spot defending one lane, while on the opposite lane your team member is knocking down their towers as if it was nothing.

-Struggling in teamfights? Try to steal the jungle Buff from your opponent, if you succeed they have one less buff to achieve, and in the meanwhile you are dealing 130% extra damage, but be aware, they can do the same so defend these Buffs aswell.

-Sneak behind your tower, if someone is clearly trying to take it down with a less efficient Pickaxe, you can easily take them down last moment when they one have a few hp left, be aware of this yourself.

Team members
1 Vs 1 (Weak defence, easily knocked out of the game)

2 Vs 2 (Decent defence, harder to get knocked out of the game, better strategies available)
3 Vs 3 (Ideal, Great defence, extremely hard to get knocked out, good strategies available)
4 Vs 4 or more (Great defence, extremely hard to get knocked out, good strategies available, Slight lack of armor)

difficulty=1/2/3 (not peaceful)

Recommended Minecraft version
Build on 1.8.9
Tested on 1.8.9
Recommended: 1.8 / 1.8.1 / 1.8.9

The Classic Trailer

-The last number in the version is the amount of bugfixes done in that version, there won't be patchnotes for bugfixes, only normal or major changes receive additional patchnotes.
-If you find any bugs, please note them in the comments section, make sure to add the map version aswell, i will then look at it and fix it ASAP with a hotfix!

(Read this before downloading, you accept it by downloading!)

You are not allowed to:
-Rename this map and upload it as yours.
-Modify my map and upload it with your name on it.
-Provide mirrors by reuploading my map.

You are allowed to:
-Create video's of it, linking this thread would be nice. =)
-Modify it for your own only, without sharing it online.

Patch Notes (BEFORE
Progress100% complete

5 Update Logs

Beta - A tutorial! : 05/12/2016 9:40:42 amMay 12th, 2016

+Added a tutorial. (Early beta, not final product!)
+Ore's now keep spawning instead of having cobblestone, randomly switching between Diamonds and Iron.
+Bug fixes.

09/19/2015 12:16 am
Level 49 : Master Cyborg
Hello! Would there be a way to make a server that had this map generated multiple times, with a working party system and matchmaking via a plugin? Have you ever heard of such a plugin?
05/05/2016 9:42 am
Level 24 : Expert Ninja
Sorry for the late response, but no. I have been trying this out for myself aswell but haven't found a way to do so. Also version has just dropped, balancing updates have been done to improve play =)
06/22/2016 12:55 pm
Level 49 : Master Cyborg
Also I had a pretty late reply myself, sorry!
06/22/2016 12:55 pm
Level 49 : Master Cyborg
Darn. I'm in love with MOBAs and I'm a huge fan of the genre. I can just hope on day someone with the coding experience will be able to help me out <3
01/24/2015 6:30 pm
Level 49 : Master Cyborg
Lovely :D It's wonderful! I hope that 1.8 will  be updated with haste!
02/10/2015 1:47 pm
Level 24 : Expert Ninja
Well, it wasn't hard and since its already Februari i rolled out a update thats compatible with 1.8, you can try it out. If there are any bugs, you can always write a comment about it!
02/10/2015 12:52 pm
Level 24 : Expert Ninja
I will try to do that as fast as possible, as the winter version ending around end Februari the map will possibly 1.8! =D
And thanks for the diamond ;)
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