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Minecraft Multiplayer Battleships Minigame! (Over 3,000+ downloads!)

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Battleships is a fun small minigame that you can play with your friends! The aim of the game is to destroy all of your opponents ships before they destroy all of yours! Pretty simply, Ey?

  • Don't break blocks
  • Don't cheat (x-ray etc.)
  • Have all your ships placed on the board before you click [Ready]
  • Have fun!
  • Play with fancy graphics
  • Sound on
  • Clouds off
  • Play with two players (2 Players min)
  • Minecraft versions 1.8 (or higher)
  • Vanilla server (bukkit not recommended)
  • Two players!
Single Player:
Single Player is not available yet! I have plans to making it so you can VS the computer, but that will take some time. So for now you can NOT play the map by yourself.

This map is intended for two players. I am not sure if it will work with more (It should). This map is best played with two players because then each player can have a board to themselves. This map should work on a bukkit server that has NOT plugins installed, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you play on a Vanilla 1.8 server!

Server Settings:
  • Commandblocks = true
  • Difficulty peaceful
  • Spawn-npc's = true
  • Spawn-animals = true
Battleship features:
  • Easy to place ships
  • Turns are tracked
  • Can detect if you have got a hit or miss
  • Calculates and tells you if you have killed an enemy ship
  • Inbuilt safety lock on turns
  • Board selector
  • Randomized inbuilt player starter
  • Calculates when all the enemy ships have been killed to detect a win!
  • Scoreboard display for player wins
  • Unlock hats with your game wins
  • Multiplayer friendly
  • 1.8 compatible

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Extra notes:
This is my first ever minecraft map I have put out for download. This map took me about 2 months, so I am happy to finally release it to the public!

If you would like to record yourself playing battleships and post it on youtube, you have my full permission to, in fact I would love it if you did! But if you do end up recording this map please include this forum page link in your video description. 

Map by:
Creditnikamennie Soul_Eater24 shadow_ninja51 Benkahoots
Progress100% complete
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