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Minecraft Mushroom Farm

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Level 51 : Grandmaster Architect
Our Mushroom farm on our survival server

- This is the mushroom farm we have on our server right now
- The mushrooms on top of the walls never get harvested. The ones below on the dirt/stone will be harvested by water streams.
- There used to be mushrooms all along the lines but since the spawning changed to 5max per 9x9 we had to reduce them like this.
- I can fly because this is a copy of our servermap in singleplayer. But online we play legit survival.
- Instead of using a water bucket you can also use a piston+water source, or a dispenser with a water bucket.
- If you have mycellium you can also build a farm outside. However on our server we have not yet found a mushroom biodome.
- This trap used to generate an entire inventory before spawning got nerfed.
- The wiki doesn't state if mycellium increases the speed of growth. But if you have mycellium (use a silk touch tool) you could use that as underground.
- And as you see only about 3 stacks of mushrooms are generated now. So you could build a larger farm if you need much more.
- And with the mushrooms you can make mushroom stew and use them for decorations and make huge mushroom trees.

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On a survival server.
Progress: 100% Complete

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