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Minecraft Parkour PS4 (2.0)

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Level 18 : Journeyman Explorer
About a year or so ago, I made a Minecraft Parkour world on PS3. This is basically an update to that old world with a couple new levels, some modifcations to make some levels a bit more tolerable, and I added just a few random things to make things look nicer. On that note, there are the same 10 levels before, 3 new levels, and you get a sneak peek at the 14th level before I actually make it. It was made in a superflat world, there are beds, play with friends if you want, just have some fun! Oh, and this is just my opinion, but I'd recommend having Host Options turned on. Just so you can set your spawn points. Oh, and one last thing, I don't plan on going back to the PS3 version. It was fun, but I 'd like to just focus on this one world, instead of having to work on both at the same time. Well, that and I'm kind of lazy. Now go and play! Or not. Do whatever you want. If you have any complaints, feel free to let me know.
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Builder's Log Update #2 : 11/11/2016 8:14:25 pmNov 11th, 2016

If someone does happen to download this map on PS4, could you please comment to let me know if it's functioning correctly? Sharing maps on PS4 is a lot more complicated to me than it was on PS3, let me tell you. Thanks for the help and enjoy your day!

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