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Level 15 : Journeyman Pokemon
Hello Everyone! Today, I am posting a challenge list for a certain seed: detailed This seed was requested by someone named PoppingCobble. I do not take credit for the seed, just the challenges. These challenges are optional, meaning you don't have to do them. If you do plan on completing these challenges, try to post some of your challenges! I check hourly so... yeh. Have Fun! Rules 1. No Mods unless it improves gameplay. (E.g. Weather, No Fog, Sprint) 2. Choose your island. You only have 1 shot so decide wisely. 3. No duplicating blocks. 3. No changing into creative. 4. No inventory editing. 5. Only 2 players at the MAX if you decide to play multiplayer. 6. No dying to regenerate health. 7. Have fun! Challenges The challenges are divided into 4 categories: Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane. Easy 1. Make both a wheat farm and a tree farm. 2.Collect a stack of wood logs and 4 stacks of Cobblestone. 3. Collect your first piece of wheat. 4. Make a full set of wood and stone tools. 5. Make 2 pieces of bread without bonemealing it. Medium 1. Create a 8x10 house of any material besides Dirt, Sand and Gravel. 2. Collect 8 stacks of Cobblestone. 3. Create an infinite water source. 4. Find 32 Iron Ingots/Ore. 5. Expand your island. 6. Create another island. 7. Put 2 saplings or make 2 trees on the island. 8. Expand your spawn island. 9. Create either a well or a decoration feature that involves water. 10. Create a full iron set. 11. Make 2 beds. 12. Journey to your other island and make a camping ground with tents, bear warning signs and a bonfire. 13. Make all the farms possible. 14. Make a gravel walkway to your Mob Spawner (Depending on where it is) from your house. For Mob Spawner, refer to "Hard". 15. On the camp ground site, make an NPC house (Doesn't matter which kind). Hard 1. Find Diamonds, Gold and Lapis Lazuli. 2. Enter the Nether Reactor. 3. Make a Mob Spawner out of the Nether Reactor's leftover junk or start from scratch and make a Mob Grinder. 4. Make 32 TNT. 5. Collect a stack of Arrows, Feathers, String, Bones and Gunpowder. 6. Expand the island more. 7. Upgrade your house by adding 2 more stories. 8. Make a full set of Gold and Diamonds. 9. Make 32 GlowStone Blocks. 10. Make a Nether Quartz Block Shrine. 11. Make a parkour stage with at least 5 levels at the minimum. Insane 1. Upgrade your house by adding 6 more stories, each with a Crafting Table, Furnace, Stone Cutter and Chest. 2. Create 32 blocks of Iron, Gold, Lapis and Diamonds. 3. Collect 4 stacks of arrows. 4. Journey in to the Nether Reactor 2 more times without taking ANY damage with no armor and an Iron Sword. 5. Make 2 stacks of TNT. 6. Create a sculpture of either Minecraft Steve or Your personal skin along with a sword, bow and a peaceful mob beside you while killing a hostile mob. 7. Make 2 chests of Mushroom Stew and Water Melons. 8. Journey into the sky and create a cloud of wool.
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