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Minecraft Pocket Edition SkyBlock Special

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Level 32 : Artisan Architect

Hello everyone. Today I am bringing you a download for a new skyblock island in Minecraft Pocket Edition.
This island is based off the Special island that is part of the Island World bukkit plugin for multiplayer skyblock.
The goals are somewhat similar to regular skyblock, however the difference is the island type.
This island is large enough for a 3 - 4 man team to work on vs the classic skyblock which is not.
This is still a WIP as I am still missing a few items for it, however Version 1.9 is available for release.
Starter gear in hand:
- 99+ chicken eggs (For food/Chicken Farm. Hold screen to throw.)

Starter gear in chest:
- 64 Diamonds (Meant for emergencies, use them at your own risk!)
- 2x Nether Reactors [Supply Form] (Reasons should be obvious)
- 1 Bucket of Lava
- 2 Ice (Place then break to create water)
- 64 Grass Blocks (Optional Use)
- 1 Wheat Seed
- 1 Red Mushroom
- 1 Brown Mushroom
- 1 Sugar Cane

- 12 Coal
- 12 String
(For bed)
- 1 bone (For Bonemeal. Use wisely!)

Hidden Chest Contents:
- 2 cow spawn eggs
- 2 pig spawn eggs
- 2 chicken spawn eggs
- 2 sheep spawn eggs

[Hint: It's right under your nose!]

Things to add in 2.0 (Final Release):
- 4 Islands, one in each corner of the map.
(Leave a comment on what I should include on the island, what it should be made of, and what I should put in the chests!)

Possible additions in 2.0
- Watermelon Seeds (1)
- Glowing Obsidian (2 stacks, for mob spawner room?)

I am no longer working on this map, therefore 2.0 is not being released. This is now considered the completed version.

-Build a nether reactor (Easy)
-Win the nether (Moderate)
-Build a mob spawner (Moderate)

-Build a chicken farm with 25+ Chickens (Moderate to hard)
-Build a tree farm with at least 25 trees (Hard)
-Build a watermelon farm with at least 32 melons (Hard)

-Build a cobblestone platform that spreads across the whole map (Extreme)
-Build a mansion with at least 10 floors (Extreme)
-Build a gold farm using a nether reactor (PRO) [Requires Hex Editing]

If you enjoy this map, leave a review and don't forget to Diamond! :D

Additional Notes

Released 1.9!
- Hidden chest with
* 2x Cow Spawn Eggs
* 2x Pig Spawn Eggs
* 2x Chicken Spawn Eggs
* 2x Sheep Spawn Eggs
CreditThank you RainbowGaming for the video review!
Progress100% complete

8 Update Logs

Update #8 : by dlcoates1 08/28/2015 11:09:34 pmAug 28th, 2015

Officially calling this completed.

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06/18/2013 11:21 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Pokemon
FalcorLordOfAll avatar
Um how Do You Use The World Save On The Pocket Edititon?
06/18/2013 1:32 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
dlcoates1 avatar
You will need a program like iFunBox or iExplorer for iOS, and a similar file explorer for Android.
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