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Minecraft Redstone Bunker and Base

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Version: 1.16.4
This is my first large redstone project, a culmination of around three years of on and off work and it is still not done! I started this in highschool when I fell in love with the walking dead and I wanted to make a redstone base/bunker based around that idea of surviving an apocalypse.
Since this is my first map ever, I have never done this process before. Please let me know ASAP if any of the spawns are messed up so I can fix it or give you coords to where you can tp to.

What is included so far as of 11/25/21 (I will split this up into two sections, the first is the base (above ground) and the second is the bunker (underground)):

Above ground:
-A semi built outline of the structure
-A boat port
-A meeting room
-A rapid fire cannon (this can be very laggy, do not use if you're not confident your computer can handle it))

- Around 4.5 completed floors, 5 and 6 on the way.
-All floors are accessibly using key card scanners
-An escape pod hangar (three redstone flying machines and a hangar bay that opens, image attached)
-A command center where you
  -can turn off all the lights on certain floors
  -activate lockdown (this locks all possible doors on certain floors)
  -activate doors to nether and ender portals
-An elevator (note that this is pretty complex to use. I have attached a book to help you use it)
-168 living quarters
-A storage room that filters automatically (you can set the filters by entering behind the chests and removing one filler block and replacing it with a block of your choice)
-A panic room
-Several meeting rooms as well as several empty rooms for your own usage
-An armory
  -this armory was inspired off of iron man's armory. flying machines send out all the suits of armor.
-A redstone laboratory with a contamination system

Though all redstone has been tested, it may be confusing to get used to using it at first. I am not confident that EVERYTHING will work. If you find an issue, please DM me on discord which I have put on the map spawn. It may be worthwhile to spend some time in spectator to see where all the redstone wires lead to from the command center, and see what different levers activate. USE CREATIVE MODE/CHEATS ON, OTHERWISE YOU CANNOT ACCESS ANY PARTS OF THE BUNKER AS IT IS COVERED IN BEDROCK.

What I plan to add in the future. 11/25/21

Firstly, know that I am in highschool and thus very busy. I plan to update AT LEAST every two months with major updates to the above ground area.

-Within the next four or so months, depending on how well this map does, I will finish the bunker and hope to move on to finishing the outline in the above ground area.

-A way to connect between the above ground area and underground area (if you have any useful suggestions lmk!)

-Maybe update to 1.17 since that will let me work with more area under and above building limits.

-I am the only one working on this project but I may look for someone else to help me, preferably a good builder or a good redstoner.

  -A smelter
  -Potion auto brewer
  -A farm of sorts for food
  -Enchanting area
  -XP area
  -A firework SOS system/messaging system
  -A perimeter wall
  -A couple of working turrets/railguns ( I have already built it on my redstone world, the only issue is implementing it. I'm actually pretty happy with the way it turned out. If you want a video on it I can try making one).
Progress50% complete

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