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Minecraft Sesame Street Map

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Minecraft Sesame Street Map



From the creators of the Minecraft LOST Map and the Minecraft Build-off Versus series, we present the Minecraft Sesame Street Adventure Map. This map is intentionally designed for young children, or the young at heart. While there were creative liberties taken in the creation of this map, the major landmarks are fairly accurate. Thank you for downloading this map and we hope you enjoy it.

The skins that are provided were created by IHasCupquake.

Please make sure to turn your difficulty settings to Peaceful, as we donot want any creepers exploding. Also, please stay within the wooden walls. If you donot want to play at night, use the beds to sleep. You will wake up when the sun rises.

You arrive on Sesame Street and everyone says hello to you. However, they need your help. There are several Easter eggs (eggs) hidden throughout Sesame Street. Search through the buildings to find them all. The eggs will be in chests. Right-click to open a chest. No digging will be required to find the chests. Good luck.

If you need help, below is a list of how many eggs are located in each building.

Charlieos Restaurant o 7
Cookie Monster Bakery o 2
Countos Castle o 9
Fix-It Shop (including upstairs) o 4
Hooperos Store (including roof) o 4
Greenhouse/Garden o 1
The Arbor (including Garage) o 4
123 Sesame Street (including Bert and Ernieos Apartment and roof) o 10
Oscar the Grouch Area o 1
Giant Elmo and Dorothy o 2
Big Birdos Home o 4
Library/Swimming Pool Building o 8
Muppet Café o 4
Apartment A o 9
Apartment B o 10
Subway Station (Donot forget to check the other side of the track) o 10
The Park (Eggs are not hidden within trees. Check benches and playground) o 11
Total o 100 eggs

Too easy for you? There are 40 other hidden chests with feathers in them. We wonot tell you where they are, but they are located throughout the map. Good luck in your search. Hint: These chests can be found without flying and digging. Please stay within the walls.

If you have enjoyed this map, please check out our Minecraft LOST Map, as well as our Mega Golf Course (72 holes) Map. Both maps are available for download on the Minecraft Forum.

We do a series on our Youtube Channel called Minecraft Build-Off Versus where my brother and I challenge each other in one-hour builds on random things. We also open up our server while we record this to anyone. Please subscribe to our channel o www.youtube.com/koba2802.
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it won't work
02/26/2012 5:02 pm
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your good at making maps make mor please
02/18/2012 5:09 pm
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NICE please make more epic maps!
08/26/2011 10:07 pm
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lol, very nicely done =D
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