Minecraft Shinkansen Animation Train World (1.16.4)

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This was my world that has all of the sets and schematics meant for my Minecraft Train Animations throughout 2020 including various props outside my animations that were not intended to be featured. I put a DeLorean DMC-12 Back To The Future Easter Egg in my Mer Rouge Train Derailment which the truck was driving on the wrong side of the road which have no idea :(

This world includes the animations such as:
Minecraft Shinkansen Animation Part 1
Minecraft Shinkansen Animation Part 2
Minecraft Chatsworth Train Collision Animation
Minecraft Mer Rouge Train Derailment Animation
Minecraft Tornado Vs. Train Animation
Minecraft SP Daylight 4449 100 Subs Special Animation
Minecraft Crazy Eight's Incident
Minecraft Carlsbad Village Train Animation Part 2
Minecraft Chatsworth Railfanning Animation

And also I have trains from my Minecraft 1950s Animation that include:

Milwaukee Road Class A
UP Big Boy
SP Daylight GS-4 4449
Santa Fe Super Chief F7

with a range of varieties of 50s cars and trucks.

This marks the various things I did in 2020 with many animations

This map is also very similar to CraftyFoxe's World ONE map that has similar builds of trains that I did improve in my world throughout one of his train tutorials. I thought I wanted to give this map for everyone to enjoy for some viewers of my channel
that saw my Minecraft train animations. this will give you guys a behind the scenes look of what my world has become.
CreditWorld by The Shinkansen Fan
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