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Minecraft Shooting Range Prototype | Bow and Arrow Target Course | Hit Counter Schematic

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MrCrucial's Avatar MrCrucial
Level 29 : Expert Miner
This is an early release of my shooting course, it has 2 conditional rs nor latches to keep track of your hit targets, and will be displayed in the main console, it also has 1 wide piston T flip-flop's to control the Target Stations Minecart flow. The minecart loading bay has indicator torches to let u know when it's safe to load more carts, without spamming the unit. Target Pods use sticky piston's to hold a powered minecart track in the air, holding the Target Cart.

This schematic is just the core unit, its intention is to be dressed up with walls, obstacles, lighting and walk way's however you want. feedback will help me improve the design for its final release. Thanks everyone, please take the time to share this and spread the schematic.

How to use:
Load minecarts in loading bay.
Wait for torch at L.Bay before adding mroe carts.
Before starting course, make sure all Target Torches are out.
Hit the First target to begin.
Must hit all 10 Critical Targets to pass through sections.
6 other targets are optional.

Additional Notes

1 piece of dust missing on an AND gate near then end, can be seen in video... oops
Progress50% complete

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