Minecraft Working Customizable Minecart Station

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Minecraft Working Customizable Minecart Station

Hey guys, I have created a Minecart/Mail station for Minecraft servers. I have seen a few, however, none of them with as many features or as easily customizable as this. This system is meant for high traffic servers with idiots who don't understand how to reset things and jerks who want to clog up system. By this I mean that there are many built in fail safes to prevent the system from breaking down easily and very straightforward buttons.

Below includes explanation of features and how they work. They should be read or at least skimmed if you want to set this up. Content in blue is for those who simply don't want to read it all. Don't worry, I don't even want to read how much I wrote.D: Most of it is skippable anyways.

Some Customizations
Three Stations

Simply add repeaters as necessary to expand. Expanding the slots can be done with stack commands as it is modular.

-The four-side system displayed in the picture has 15 destinations or five destinations that allows three people to board to the same place simultaneously. There are two of them in the picture. One with gray wool and one with only the necessary blocks.

-I have also added a 19 destination version. It can be expanded further, however, it would be easier to simply add more sides. If you really wanted to, you could expand this design infinitely by adding a few ticks.

Selecting your Destination and Going

-The system for selecting your destination is easy to use. You simply press the button for your destination and confirm and then you are can enter the cart and be off! If you press the wrong button, you simply press the correct button. No need to press a reset button. It is automatically reset and done. Once you have selected your destination, press the Confirm/Lock/Dispense cart button.

-The only way to actually start the cart ride is through pressing the button. I chose this because people seem to miss their often carts which is just a pain.

-Pressing the button for your destination will turn on the light for that particular place as well as play two notes.

Destination is chosen either by direct lines, or inverted vertical repeater lines. (Direct line is displayed here.

Confirm/Lock/Dispense Cart and Five Destination Choices

-This will confirm and lock your choice so nobody can try to send you to a different destination when you are riding out. It will also dispense a single cart and open the gate for you. Once you are gone, the system will automatically reset itself through detector rails and latches. Say a griefer comes and tries to clog the system by spamming carts without sending them places. First, the dispenser will not dispense more than one cart even if he presses it multiple times. If he tries to place multiple carts and send them off into the system, the only thing that will happen is that they will be sent back into the restocking system. (Picture of this is in one of the spoilers below)

Only one cart can come out and the gate will open when the Confirm button is pressed.

-This works through latches. It is modular and can be expanded as shown in the 19 slot version.

Overview of wiring


Locking is controlled simply by pistons. It is currently unlocked and can the destination can be selected.

The gate, locking mechanisms and what not are controlled by latches. They are reset by the detector rail in the next spoiler.

These detector rails turn off the lock, close the gate, and reset the destination choice.


-The disembarking system is very simple to use and is jerk-proof. When arriving at the station, you are sent to the slot closest to the exit door.

Next incoming cart will arrive here.

-If two people arrive at the same time, the second person will be sent to the second slot automatically.

Slot is taken, next cart will skip this slot.

To exit, you simply exit your minecart and stand on the pressure plate.

Cart will fall and the next cart will enter here.

-But what if some trollface comes in and stands on the pressure plate while you are still in the cart afk because you are impatient and can not wait out the slow cartride? In this case, the system will automatically loop you back around to the disembarking system.


The background has the looping system. Foreground is to keep the system from getting clogged with carts as mentioned earlier.

-Once you have properly exited your minecart and stepped on the pressure plate, the cart enters the restocking system. Furthermore, if the system is full, you will loop till a spot has opened.

-The Stations currently only have two slots to disembark, however it is infinitely expandable, and is easy to do.

Auto Restocking

-The system will automatically restock carts when the they arrive at the station. It can be expanded to work for as many sides as needed. However, it can get slow at numbers higher than four simply because of the high amount of carts. If the system is full, carts will simply loop around until an open spot is found.

-The glass allows you to see how many carts are available.

Carts will come here from the disembarking area.

Carts bounce off if the stack is full.

If all stacks are full, the carts will loop until they find a stack that is not full.

-To turn it into a mail system, simply use chest minecarts.
-Restocking system can be cut down to be more compact so it would fit as a subway.
-Can be expanded
-Middle section is not required (A two side line type would be most efficient size wise.)
-Fourth side can be added but placement of an entrance and disembarking area may be ugly. Would be nice as subway.

-Fixing usually is just a matter of flipping latches with a pulse unless they manage to actually break a block.
-I suggest customizing this. I build it to be changed per scenario.
-I left room for a fancy door in the three station model.
-I created and designed this entire station myself.
-Feel free to use it on servers.
-If you mention it in something like a video, message me a link to it, link this forum, and credit me. Thanks!

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