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Mineopolis and the Countryside | Huge Realistic Modern City Solo Project

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About the Map
This is Mineopolis, a solo city project built from 16 August 2017 - 28 August 2021. There is a huge city called Mineopolis surrounded by countryside, farmland, a town called Ravenstone and 3 tiny villages called; Atomster, which contains a small handful of houses as well as a small shop; Skylark, which contains a few houses and Wykeham, which also contains a few houses.

The Downtown area is mostly based from American architecture however, the suburbs are based on British architecture meaning that this city is an American/British mixed city.

The city and towns have different eras in different areas. Older eras are in the city centre and the buildings get more modern as the city goes out. In Mineopolis, there are 6 metro lines which have different eras in relation to the era and the area they are in.

There are overground railways lines that take you from Downtown Mineopolis into the suburbs and outside the city including to Ravenstone, Atomster. Overground railway lines also connect the Airport into Downtown Mineopolis. The Roads have 5 wide lanes and some roads have bus lanes and also bus stops.

Just outside Mineopolis, there is a large International Airport. It is complete with 3 Passenger Terminals and 1 Cargo Terminal. Every Terminal has a full interior. The airport itself is a full scale airport, with 4km long runways and realistically sized planes.

Attention to Detail
This Map has a lot of small details which add to the overall realism of the world. Some Examples of these details are: TV Antennas on every house which point in the general direction of the nearest Radio Tower; Overhead Mains Power and Landline cables into houses that are 1950s style and older; Traffic Lights, Skyscrapers have basement levels with water pumps and also skyscraper's top floor is a mechanical floor which contains Elevator Mechanisms and Air Conditioning. These are just some of the small details added to make the map as realistic as it can be.

3D Models of Builds
I have created some 3D Models of some of the unique builds that I have created in the world. You can see them all here: https://sketchfab.com/mattq012/collections/mineopolis-and-the-countryside-minecraft-project

Unique Buildings in Mineopolis
Grand Central Train Station-71 69 809
Victorian Library120 70 906
Under Construction Skyscraper168 70 873
DPRMM Hotel-127 70 501
2 Under Construction office buildings58 69 452
Omega Stadium-230 77 1472
Eaglepoint Park248 70 460
Mineopolis Aquarium326 70 250
Oldham Cemetery862 70 2455
Zetafield Aerodrome-809 71 4019
Mineopolis Palace Pier1664 70 1005
Regency Pier2580 71 906
Landport Hospital3045 71 1224
Statue of Creation1814 66 39
Oldham Garden Centre-1974 70 740
Abandoned Coal-Fired Power Station-2103 70 938
MBC Television Centre-2871 70 1227
Meadow Boating Dock1161 63 -719
Terminal 1
Terminal 2
Terminal 3
Cargo Terminal

-3159 74 -4571
-3990 81 -2831
-4641 66 -4890
-5846 79 -2860
Blocney Substation-2964 73 -7883
Solar Farm-1396 68 -7500
Georgian Country Mansion-2515 68 -10738
Mineopolis Nuclear Power Station-5166 72 -11548

Towns / Cities in the world
Town / CityCo-Ordinates to Spawn Point
Mineopolis8 71 846
Ravenstone3453 68 -11330
Atomster-3577 72 -10963
Skylark -2830 73 -9164
Wykeham-275 70 -9014
Los Rino9993 63 9773

All Easter Egg Locations - SPOILERS
Easter Egg NameCity DistrictCo-Ordinates
Sewer with Murder VictimDowntown123 62 483
WW2 BunkerDowntown69 65 196
Mass BurialMinedithium-724 49 88
Satanic LairMinedithium-985 58 -48
CatacombsElizabeth Industrial Estate-2060 70 912
Easter EggsKalvin Hills40 174 -113
Praise Satan RoomEaglepoint Island464 64 403
Metro Tunnel Access Point (Metro 2)Oldham-211 70 1476
Metro Tunnel Access Point (Metro 3)Astoria1188 70 1466
Murder Scene  Farncombe2199 84 1980
Murder SceneAirport Terminal 1-3478 89 -4437
End PortalAirport Terminal 2-3864 89 -2891
Diamond StashAirport Terminal 3A-4713 67 -4758
Death at WorkAirport Terminal 3B-5482 67 -4188
Nether PortalAirport Terminal 3C-6073 79 -4573
Sunken Cargo ShipMeadow Bay (Next to)1688 55 -476
Kifflom  Meadow Bay890 35 -722
Surface Water SewerMeadow Bay1871 63 -2205
Gold StashMeadow Bay1093 54 -3019
Secret RoomMeadow Bay1704 49 -4480

Easter Egg Name
Town DistrictCo-Ordinates
Basement CellUpper Stonesworth
3309 64 -12370

Easter Egg Name  
Crashed UFO-3772 57 -11257

Map Updates Info
Since 30 November 2019 each update has a unique name, here are the updates and a little info about what they added.

Update Name
Things the Update added
Date of Update
Metro Overhaul UpdateDepots for the Metro Lines, New Metro Line and improvements to stations30 November 2019
Stadium UpdateFootball Stadium just outside Downtown Mineopolis1 January 2020
Extra Realism UpdateBasement Levels and Mechanical Floors for all buildings with elevators31 January 2020
Countryside Completion UpdateAll Terraforming around roads and railways complete as well as all countryside projects finished.1 May 2020
Airport Completion UpdateAll Terminals finished, all stations, car parks and Airport Office Park completed.26 May 2020
Aerodrome UpdateAdded a General Aviation Aerodrome south of Mineopolis making it the 2nd airport in the map28 June 2020
Airport Improvements UpdateMajor improvements to interior of Terminals and modifications to exterior of Terminal 11 August 2020
Seaside UpdateAdded a beach, a new pier and overhauled existing pier.3 October 2020
Seaways UpdateAdded Boating Marina, Container Ship Port and cleared shipping routes of islands and land9 December 2020
Southern Districts Completion UpdateAll districts in the south of Mineopolis are fully completed1 January 2021
Public Services UpdateAdded Fire Stations, Police Stations, Doctors Surgeries and Schools5 February 2021
Ravenstone Completion UpdateThe town of Ravenstone is fully complete25 May 2021
Map Completion UpdateThe entire Map is completed. Last major update28 August 2021

Videos of the map
Feel free to make videos of the city and upload them, just make sure to put a download link in its description. If you do make a video be sure to send me the link to it, I like seeing videos people have made of the City :)

Check out the Youtube channel of Mineopolis: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS7mBZP0IVpSRKViJklmNvA

World Maps

For a World Map, Metro Map, Railway Map and City Districts Map click here
Progress100% complete

32 Update Logs

Update #32 : by Minenitrogue 08/28/2021 2:44:31 pmAug 28th, 2021

Map Updated to 1.17.1

  - Mineopolis Completed
  - Kalvin Hills District Completed
  - Franklands District Completed
  - Replaced Railway Depot spur line
  - New 1930s Houses
  - New 1980s Houses
  - Replaced motorway bridge with new suspension bridge
  - Added Umbrellas and Towels along beach
  - Fixed terraforming issues
  - Improved Victorian Library interior

  - A new village, Wykeham has been built
  - Windmill built to next Wykeham
  - New Farms built
  - New Farm houses built
  - Motorway Service Station built
  - Replaced Motorway gantry signs
  - Motorway bends rebuilt to be smoother
  - Improved large Motorway interchange
  - Added Street Lights along all of motorways
  - New Country Roads
  - New Country Lanes
  - Fixed terraforming issues
  - New Georgian Country Mansion built

  - 1890s Houses built
  - 1950s Houses built
  - 1960s Houses built
  - Shops built

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03/01/2023 1:55 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4424078G avatar
Does this map contain a police station/prison?
01/16/2023 1:04 am
Level 1 : New Miner
yikexiaoshu avatar
In China, most of this link cannot be downloaded, can it be transferred to the domestic website platform? It's only for everyone to download and says you built it
11/26/2022 2:16 am
Level 1 : New Miner
xl_p avatar
Is there a version for 1.12.2?
09/14/2022 3:11 am
Level 1 : New Miner
EmperorAram avatar
Great world! Would be very useful to have a map of the subway and regional rail system (Mineostar included). Thanks in advance!
07/27/2022 8:43 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
UnknownGuyNL avatar
hello its a nice map, but is there a version without minecart rails
greetings from unknownguynl
07/12/2022 10:27 am
Level 1 : New Miner
_Masky avatar
Is there a way to download the map before its completion? I downloaded it last year and I was able to put it on my realm but now I can't ); is there a way to use past completion downloads?
07/05/2022 9:38 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
iBlueBRs12 avatar
Olá eu sou iBlueBRs#7179 caso queira me chamar no discord, gostaria de saber se tudo bem transformar o mapa eu um servidor de RP, com armas, casas empregos, realista mesmo aberto para o publico, se sim porfavor me informe como quer os creditos.
05/04/2022 9:57 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ElbondeDole avatar
The link to the map of your city does not work.
Could you fix it because it will help me to visit your city?
05/04/2022 11:08 am
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Sus
Minenitrogue avatar
Which link isn't working for you
04/10/2022 5:33 am
Level 1 : New Miner
LordKama avatar
It's an awesome map!!! Thank you for posting, I enjoy your work. If I use it on a YT video I'll give you full credit.
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