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MINIGAME - King of the Castle (king of the hill)

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For 6, 8 or 10 players.

Players spawn a short way away from the map. Once everyone has joined, you can press the button at spawn. You're teleported to the Team Selection room. Step on a pressure pad to join a team. If you need to switch teams, there's an option for that. Gear up from the chests, and press the ready button. You're spawned on the map, and almost immediately, one of the 4 towers will produce a beacon out the top. Your goal is to stand on the wood around the beacon.

The beacon will stay in place for 2 minutes, before randomly switching to another (or 25% chance of staying at the same) tower. Every 15 seconds, the player standing closest to the beacon while on the wood will receive a diamond. Diamonds count as points. The game uses the 1.4 gamerule that players keep their inventories on death, so you can't lose those diamonds.

There are towers that let you climb up to bridges to jump down on top of the beacon, and there are sniper points to try to knock off the people standing at the beacons. It's not always beneficial to run straight towards the tower and climb up the side.

The game lasts for 10 rounds (20 minutes), at which point all players are transported to a room where you can put your diamonds in a chest to count your team's score.

Here's a video of a shortened game play with 6 players. Please note this was shot in the private beta stage, and some changes have been made since then to the map.

Works with vanilla.

Download link at Minecraft forum so I only have to update it in one place:

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