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Minigame Kingdom RTX Builds | Bedrock

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Bedrock Edition
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Welcome to
Minigame Kingdom


Enter a colourful yet enigmatic kingdom, which deflects a deep and tragic history from the likes of chaos and darkness as so legend recalls...
A place once shrouded in the same chaos and darkness that drove it to its ruin...

This map is a fully remastered version of the Minigame Kingdom world, converted from Java edition
which supports:
Minigame Kingdom RTX Builds | Bedrock Minecraft Map

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This is something I have been longing to do since I first heard about Bedrock/Pocket editions of the game...
Since I began this project, I always longed the day when I would port it to the bedrock platform.
The project needed an upgrade, and porting it to Bedrock wasn't proving to be that key motivation to working
on it at all.
Unexpectedly though, the push to do such a thing came from the Ray Tracing Experience provided by NVIDIA.

How did this help?
Since Raytracing mechanics along with PBR (or Physically based rendering) became a popular feature to the platform, inspiring many like me to create potentially beautiful experiences that wouldn't have been the case if otherwise (obviously more immersive detail is guaranteed with the RTX enabled).
Nonetheless, I used this to my advantage to promote a completely different perspective of the map, obviously remastering it to see what could be done with this additional feature, but also what I would have liked the world to have been like (since Bedrock performance exceeds the Java in-game performance; I just had to polish it).

What to expect?
This Map offers much like other projects in this event bright colours and huge landscapes. However, a different approach to making the experience much more immersive was in the implemented mechanics.
In other words, instead of implementing a behaviour pack, the map uses redstone mechanics for certain minigames... Up to you to find out from here!


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CreditThe New Crab Democracy | Terra Primal Community
Progress100% complete

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Update : 02/17/2021 10:23:12 amFeb 17th

+ Re-arranged screenshot presentation
+ Implemented more screenshots
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