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Minigame Map - ElytraPearl [1.11.2] - PvP

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Enertoutpuissant avatar Enertoutpuissant
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
Hello everyone, I have the pleasure to announce the opening of a minecraft mini-game map called ElytraPearl.

The rules are simple, throw your opponents in the void using customized enderpearls. However, you will find fireworks scattered around the map that will help you fly back up on the platforms. These fireworks have a cooldown, as they are a powerful tool to win the game.

So that you take pleasure while playing this map, it is recommended that you play with 6+ players but it is of course possible to be only 2. Also, it is also recommended to train yourself with the elytra and enderpearl parkours at spawn for a better experience.

This map was inspired by Pearl vs Pearl made by Toad_Bunny but adds elytras and fireworks. A variety of options are available at spawn such as potion effects, mob invasions or different levels of knockback of enderpearls.

If you intend to play this map on a server, you will have to activate command blocks and PvP. Also, be sure to be in gamemode 2.

Thanks a lot if you have read this far, I hope you will like the map. :-)

Good luck !

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