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MobBall MiniGame [Updated Download]

Inside The Arena

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avatar Nibblets
Level 72 : Legendary Taco
Hello all today i present you with the incredible Minecraft mini game called Mob Ball

Mob Ball is a mini game that the objective is to score points by hitting a villager into the other players goals.

This Mini Game is in early development and contains a series of red stone contraptions and Command Blocks...

Here Are Some Videos On How To Play And Game play.


These Videos Will Show All The Updates.


We Have Just Recently Added A Difficulty Buttons [Easy, Medium, Hard] There Will Be A Video On These Updates Very Soon (Matter of days)


1) Where Is The Download?

A) ...

2) How Do I Play It?

A) ...

3) Can I Post A Video Of Me Playing This On My Youtube?

A) Yes. We Would Love It You Did!

4) Why Do I Spawn Above The Start Area?

A) IDK, Just break the block to get in there.

5) Why Is There No Updates For Mob Ball?

A) We Are Currently Working On One Now Posted Image

Additional Notes

Watch the videos on how to play!
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 11/13/2015 4:48:03 amNov 13th, 2015

redone the redstone :)

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