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Modern Street Detail (USA)

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So, this one isn't as complex or impressive as some of my other submissions, but it's a nice little detail nonetheless, and I thought I'd share it with you all! It's a modern street, using some WE to achieve some neat little effects. I'm hoping that this might give some people a few ideas that they can use in their own builds to create some great stuff!

Modern Street Detail (USA) Minecraft Map

Modern Street Detail (USA) Minecraft Map

I used dark oak fences and Jungle Trap doors to make these little trees. They stand out especially well because the sidewalk is only a half block, so they have a stone curb around the base from the stairs I used there.

Modern Street Detail (USA) Minecraft Map

The sidewalk itself is a little bit of Minecraft magic. Using WE, I transformed all the blocks into the bottom half of beds! This not only gives a unique pattern, but also makes the sidewalk springy so you can have a little bounce in your step. Downsides are that there is a small gad between the stone slabs and the beds (You can see it in the prior picture) and at a distance, they disappear like entities.

For sewer grates, I used acacia trap doors over stone stairs with water in them. The reddish-brown pretty well resembles the hardened brown grates I'm used to.

One of the nicer features are these lampposts. The use beacons, though, so probably not suitable for a vanilla build! But, that said, you could replace them with lanterns or sea lanterns and i think it would still look pretty good. (Still would cost a lot of iron, though).

And then these are the traffic lights. I used some extra WE magic to make a big red button you could press! I would have liked to include a yellow light in the center, but then the lights would have been disproportionately large.
CreditBraxbludroot - for the castle in the background
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