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modern tactical german submarine class 212A - schematic download

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TAP2010 avatar TAP2010
Level 14 : Journeyman Crafter
I made just for fun several years ago this underwater base for a spigot server project
in the form of a Class 212 A submarine, made in Kiel, germany from ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems GmbH.

These boats are among the most modern submarines in the german and italian navies.
They are the world's first air-independent boats whose propulsion system for diving is based on fuel cells.
Because of this propulsion system, the submarines, together with those of export class 214,

are considered the quietest in the world.

Nice small underwater base for a city server or just for fun.
Almost completely equipped with torpedo station in the bow and stern,
missile launching base, crew mess, captain's cabin, tactical station, etc.

Therefore have fun with it.

created manually by hand in the good old java 1.12.2 version for better compatibility.

You don't know how to add schematic files to your world?

No problem:
You need worldedit on your server as a plugin or in your Minecraft Client as a mod.
Copy the schematics file into your worldedit schematics folder.

Enter in the cosole:
# list your schematics files
/schematic list
# load schematics file
/schematic load <your-desired-schematics-name>
# paste schematic into your world

other suitable commamds:

# this you can do before paste rotate schematic with X Y Z
//rotate 0 90 0
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