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Modular City 16x16 Bank

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Tigrosa1 avatar Tigrosa1
Level 22 : Expert Carrot
This is the first of hopefully many 1-4 chunk builds I plan on doing. They are designed to be modular so they can be placed in your own city/town arrangement. It will be uploaded as a structure block file so that it can be moved and imported into worlds without the need for mods like World Edit or Schematica. The bank includes a vault, teller area, and office space.

The texture pack used was custom made by danielberrry. It should be available on his profile soon. I highly encourage you to check him out!

To import the build into your world download the structure block file and move into the end of the generated folder. There's multiple tutorials on how to transfer a structure file into a world or how to use structure blocks. If you need assistance I can link a specific video or try to coach you through it.
Progress100% complete

02/23/2021 5:20 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
jondwyer4230 avatar
Literally cant even figure out how to open the file or use it, its not useable as a schematic for worldedit
02/23/2021 5:21 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
jondwyer4230 avatar
why didnt you just make it a worldedit schematic or a downloadable world? why an nbt file, i cant find any straight answers on how to easily use an nbt file
02/18/2021 1:06 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3442802G avatar
How tall is it
01/12/2021 4:56 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Architect
Swavis avatar
01/12/2021 4:27 pm
Level 22 : Expert Carrot
Tigrosa1 avatar
It doesn't look the best without the texture pack but with it, it looks pretty solid.
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