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avatar owoShinjikun
Level 10 : Journeyman Pokemon
Main Information

Welcome to yet another unsuccessful attempt to submit to the standards of already successful Minecraft cities such as Greenfield or Zearth. The highly esteemed city, Momentibruh.

Over the next lifetime until Microsoft shuts down Minecraft, we will slowly but surely build up a large modern metropolis, using our own custom terrain map and resource pack.

In the image gallery, we will update with proposed plans for each suburb as well as screenshots. We will update where necessary.

Current Version: 0.0.0

Current Minecraft Version: 1.15.2

Latest Update Notes

REFRESH - We are starting patch notes again from 0.0.1.

Current Suburbs



Custom Resource Pack
Version 1
Version 2

Progress0% complete

14 Update Logs

Custom Resource Pack V2 Changelog : 03/26/2020 11:29:33 pmMar 26th

Huge thanks to the same guy who made the Custom Terrain Map for us, the custom resource pack version 2 is now here.

Version 2

(copied from his Subreddit post)

V2 Retextured Blocks Include:

[​Format is <Old Block>: <Retextured Block>]

  • Acacia Fence: Quartz Fence

  • Acacia Fence Gate: Quartz Fence Gate

  • Dead Brain Coral: Traffic Cone

  • Diorite Slab: Yellow Concrete Wall

  • Jungle Planks: Gray Concrete

  • Jungle Button: Gray Concrete Button

  • Jungle Fence: Gray Concrete Fence

  • Jungle Fence Gate: Gray Concrete Fence Gate

  • Jungle Pressure Plate: Gray Concrete Pressure Plate

  • Jungle Slab: Gray Concrete Slab

  • Jungle Stairs: Gray Concrete Stairs

  • Mossy Cobblestone Wall: Plain Stone Wall

  • Mossy Stone Brick Stairs: Red Wool Stairs

  • Prismarine Brick Stairs: Black Wool Stairs

  • Prismarine Stairs: Gray Wool Stairs

  • Purpur Stairs: Stone Tiles

  • Oak Door: Modern Dark Themed Door (Name: Carbon Coloured Door)

  • Spruce Door: Glass Sliding Door (Name: Glass Door) (No it doesn't slide but it shifts position like one.)

  • Redstone Lamp: Just looks better now. Streetlamp like texture.

  • Stone: Smoother texure.

  • Bricks: Slightly darker and richer in colour.

  • Sand: Is a little more pinkish.

V2 Retextured Paintings Include:

[​Format is <Old Painting Internal Name>: <New Painting Description>]

  • donkey_kong.png [​4 x 3]: Big Flatscreen TV

  • courbet.png [​2 x 1]: Smaller TV

  • kebab.png [​1 x 1]: Computer Monitor

V2 Also Includes New Music!!!(Music Discs are named: Music Disc (Modified) for easy locating)These include:

[​Format is <Old Music>: <New Music>]

  • Cat: Revenge

  • Chirp: Hungarian Rhapsody No.2

  • Blocks: Megalovania

  • Mall: Giorno's Theme

  • Far: [​Kahoot] Lobby Classic

5 replies

03/21/2020 9:41 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Architect
More Pictures
03/22/2020 6:29 pmhistory
Level 10 : Journeyman Pokemon
Also check our Subreddit for spam of photos of various locations, r/MomentibruhCity.
03/22/2020 6:29 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Pokemon
We are literally only 70% into the first suburb, once we complete, I can assure you there will be more photos.
02/29/2020 5:51 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Good City. What Shader did you used?
03/02/2020 6:15 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Pokemon
This was actually a render using Chunky! I learnt how to do it a few days ago and honestly was impressed, but if I do post proper screenshots, I will probably use Sildurs or KUDA.
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