Monsters' Industries 3.2 for 1.13.2

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avatar CheesyButler95
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A new and improved version of Monsters' Industries 3, originally created by NoobiOri and YMbrothers! (And some others, yet to be discovered) Originally unfinished and (I believe) taken down due to bugs and various other gameplay issues, I've taken it upon myself (CheesyButler95) to finish up and polish it! Map taken from rekoJ on Minecraft Forum, I looked through for issues and bugs and fixed them, and I got permission from YMbrothers to post my improved version of the map.
Here's a screenshot of my DM to YMbrothers

Monsters' Industries


  Monsters' Industries is a fast-paced, adrenaline rush challenge against your opponents to be the first to make it to the top! Earn cash and tokens fast, Trade for monsters, and use them to attack your opponents to earn Stock! First of two teams to reach the stock limit wins the game!

  New version 3.0 introduces tons of exciting changes and updates to Monsters' Industries!

    -Custom Mobs
    -Reintroduction of the Wither
    -Upgradable Generators
    -Custom Armor & Tools
    -Border Defending Turrets
    -End-Game DEATHMATCH!

  If you're not aware already, there is an (currently outdated) Encyclopedia in-game, as well as plenty of playthrough videos online, of how to play Monsters' Industries. I highly suggest you check it out, with the most remarkable experience being with 4+ players total.


  -3.1.2! This was a major bug-proof do-over, and it took a lot of work! A lot of the bugs that you may have been seeing in the game should be taken care of! I'll be working more on fun and exciting editions to the game in the future! Stay tuned!

-3.2! FINALLY!! I've done just about all that I want to do with this game I think, aesthetic wise and good gameplay-wise. It should be completely bug proof, I did test just about everything. Comes with a hand-written and re-written Industry Manual to explain all the different parts of the map, how they work, and most importantly how to play! I've spend a TON of time on this map, so please check it out!

I've finished all that I want to do with this map, so this is probably close to the final picture of what I'll end up having done! If you happen to check it out, have any questions, find bugs, or want to give suggestions, I'm all ears! Let me know in the comments and I'll see if it can't be done!
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